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Skateboarding Around the World

Skateboarders talk about skateboarding worldwide


Skateboarding might have started in the United States, but the USA doesn't own skateboarding - not by a long shot! Skateboarding has taken off all over the world, and in each country it looks a little different (or sometimes a LOT different!). I've interviewed skaters from several different countries - click on the country you want to read about! I'd like to see this international list grow - if you want to share your own experiences, I'm looking to interview skaters from all over the planet. E-mail me at skateboard@aboutguide.com!
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Skateboarding in Egypt MapSkateboarding in EgyptSkateboarding in Lebanon MapSkateboarding in LebanonSkateboarding in South Korea MapSkateboarding in South KoreaSkateboarding in Chile MapSkateboarding in Chile
Skateboarding in Ireland MapSkateboarding in IrelandSkateboarding in Japan MapSkateboarding in JapanSweden Map SkateboardingSkateboarding in Sweden
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