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Miya Ando's Metal Skateboard Art Show

Miya Ando's Shinobu [perserverance] Exhibition


Miya Ando is a metal-finishing artist who creates layered finishes on steel with a process she invented, utilizing fire, acid and automotive lacquer.

She has made large scale steel wall works and her series of hot-rolled steel skateboards, monotypes created by skateboarding on liquid graphite-coated paper.

The steel skateboards are an exact size/thickness replica of a traditional wood skateboard, hand finished with fire, acid, patina and automotive lacquer. Ando has also made a hot-rolled steel 36" x 48" x 72" skateboard ramp sculpture, a collaborative piece (ridden and etched by Shelter Serra). The sculpture has been etched by muriatic acid-coated skateboard wheels ridden on the ramp and hand finished by Ando. The following photos are of this ramp, how it was made, and the prints.

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Miya Ando - Ivory Serra / Element SkateboardsMiya Ando - Steel Skateboard ArtistIvory SerraMiya Ando Shinobu Perseverance Art Show and BenefitIvory SerraPre-Etched Ramp - Miya Ando's Steel ArtPhoto by Ivory SerraHot-Rolled Steel Skateboard Ramp, Etched with Muriatic Acid
Photo by Ivory SerraMiya Ando and Shelter SerraPhoto by Ivory SerraIvory Serra Etching the Steel Skateramp with Muriatic AcidPhoto by Ivory SerraAndo Miya - Close Up of the Hot Rolled Etched Steel Skate RampIvory SerraAndo Serra Monoprint Series, 2010
Photo by Ivory SerraAndo Serra Graphite Monoprints Skateboarding ArtPhoto by Ivory SerraLiquid Graphite Shinobu Monoprint - Miya Ando and Ivory SerraIvory SerraCompleted Graphite Monoprint - Miya Ando and Ivory SerraPhoto by Ivory SerraCompleted Monoprint on the Ramp - Miya Ando
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