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The Tillman Fallen Skaters List

A list of skaters who have lost their lives


Ian Tillman Foundation Logo

Ian Tillman Foundation Logo

Ian Tillman Foundation Logo
The Ian Tillman Foundation was founded in memory of a skater who died by falling off of his skateboard while not wearing a helmet. It sounds shocking that someone could actualy die from simply falling off a board, but it's true. The foundation works to raise helmet safety awareness and hosts skate contests.

The Ian Tillman Foundation has also tracked Google searches for the past 5 years to determine how many Skaters die from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) incurred in a skateboaridng accident, no helmet worn. They maintain a Fallen Skater notebook with printouts of the Skater stories we have documented over the years. They take the Fallen Skaters notebook to all our events and many people have read its pages Surf Expo, Skate Events and at all the Safety Fairs that the Ian Tillman Foundation have done.

"At the encouragement of several Fallen Skater parents," says Barry Tillman, "we now have the list of Fallen Skaters on our web site. Fallen Skaters include those who have survived and those who have died from skateboarding TBI, no helmet worn."

"The stories are hard to read. So many have died like Ian Tilmann. The Skate culture's negative attitude towards helmets influences most all Skaters and leads to tragic results. There are more Fallen Skaters than we have listed and we learn about more every day. This list was posted in May 2011 and will be updated every six months. Summer 2011 has already claimed another 20+ Skaters who have not yet been listed....the tradgedy continues. Check out the sobering news about Fallen Skaters on the Ian Tilmann Foundation website."

For more on helmets, read "Do I really need to wear a helmet?", the Best Skateboarding Helmets List, and read other skater's stories (or submit your own) in "How has a helmet saved your life?"

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