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Arkansas Cop Attacks Skateboarders - Skylar Nalls' Story

The truth about what happened on Go Skate Day

By Skylar Nalls

Arkansas Cop Joey Williams Choking Skateboarder

Arkansas Cop Joey Williams Choking Skateboarder

Skylar Nalls
Updated May 15, 2014
On June 21st, 2007, we skateboarders celebrated International Go Skateboarding Day. In Hot Springs, Arkansas, a resort town, a group of friends were skateboarding through town, when an officer attacked them. You can watch the whole video on YouTube - it's pretty shocking. The video shows everything in painful detail.

One of the skaters named Skylar Nalls, who photographed the incident, has come forward to tell his side of the story:

by Skylar Nalls
I am guilty of fleeing from a tyrannical, fascistic, oppressive officer of the Hot Springs Police Department. I say these words against officer Joey Williams because, like the dictator of a fascist government, he uses brute force to control and instill fear into citizens who habitually become his victims, which, generally, is not the policy in the democratic society of the United States. I say "generally" because I do see force as a necessity in certain circumstances, such as life-threatening situations involving weapons in the hands of violent and dangerous criminals. However, a group of skateboarders breaking a city ordnance by illegally but peacefully skateboarding in single-file along the sidewalk hardly fits the frame of a life-threatening circumstance and certainly does not constitute the use of force and unquestionably not the uncalled-for violence of choking.

Joey's new and unconventional but city-accepted policy of violence against ordinance-breakers, heinous though it may sound to those with morals, is a highly effective one. I, myself did not step onto my skateboard for a great deal of time after Joey's fit of rage and have yet to visit the beautiful downtown area of Hot Springs that I called my home for seven years. The mere sight of a skateboard or police vehicle nauseated me for weeks as they were both constant triggers of a flashback in my mind of Joey rushing past me to tackle my young friend unknowingly from behind to the ground, the sweat rolling down his face as he proceeded to wrap his fingers around his throat and squeeze, the gargling sounds that were managing to escape the mouth of his purple face as one of his arms was struggling limply at William's arm pit then, hopelessly submitting to torture, falling lifeless at his side, of bewildered bystanders approaching to hear the lies of Joey that were justifying his actions, "I told you to stop, and you told everyone to keep going", of myself starting to walk off to find the rest of the group proclaiming to the bystanders as I go that I had just taken a photo of the child being choked, of officer Williams speaking to me for the first time saying, "Hey you! Come here!", and the horror that consumed my shaking body and confounded mind in turning around to see the eyes of a sadist with authority glaring back into mine and, not even consciously deciding to run, running instinctually and feeling as though my life depended upon my running. I remember everything quite vividly still and have since acquired a new anxiety of police in general and would never dream of being anywhere downtown with a skateboard or otherwise. His new tactics have worked brilliantly.

Officer Williams has made a huge breakthrough in the field of law-enforcement. Just imagine; you are on the way to the park speeding but not dangerously when you see blue lights behind you, realizing you are about to be given a citation you pull over. The officer opens your car door drags you out onto the ground and begins to choke you until you no longer have strength enough to struggle. He then handcuffs you and drives you to the PD all the while using terrible profanities to you about your speeding, but you remain silent, not daring to speak. Upon your arrival, you are processed and put into a holding cell. After an hour in the tank the door finally opens and you jump at the chance to request a phone call, but your request is denied and the windowless, metal door is slammed in your face. Another two hours later you are allowed the phone call and leave the Police Department not only cited for speeding but also charged with resisting arrest, fleeing, and disorderly conduct. You are without any hope until you arrive home and realize that your friend had pulled over behind you and filmed what had happened without the officer's knowledge. Surely hard evidence like video footage would get you off your false charges, but you are ignorant of the corruption of the justice system. When you arrive in court your clearly unedited video is accused of and written off as being edited, and if that was not unjust enough, they provide witnesses who were not even present at the scene to testify against you and for the lies on your police report and whose stories conflict with each others and with the infallible evidence of your video. You are charged with everything and the officer with nothing. When you go out in public, people who recognize you curse you or otherwise give you disgusted looks for the false charges they heard you were convicted of on the news. These unconstitutional, Nazi tactics prove very effective because you never speed again. This new breakthrough of Joeys is simply fool-proof and is sure to eliminate the dangerous criminals who change lanes in an intersection, speed, ect.. Think of all the trees that will be saved from officers beating up traffic and ordinance violators instead of using the outdated tradition of citation slips, very economical and effective Joey. Nice work.

I made a deal with the court: I change my plea of not guilty to guilty and ... (continue onto page two)

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