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Find links and info about skateboarding lifestyle - groups and clubs, skateboarding society and culture, anything and everything having to do with the life and style of skateboarders goes here.
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Skateboarding as an Adult - How Do You Fit Skateboarding Into Your Adult Life?
Adult Skateboarding - How do you fit skateboarding into your life as an adult? Do you wear a suit and a tie at work, and then change over to Vans, ripped jeans and a DC hat as soon as you get home? And even deeper, how does being a skater fit into your adult life? Is it tough to keep a hold of your skateboarding roots?

Should Skaters Wear Pads? An Alternative Perspective
Andrew, a reader, disagrees with my take on wearing skateboarding pads, and wrote a very thoughtful letter to me explaining his viewpoint. I think it's worth sharing, so here it is!

How to Find a Skateboarding Job
Find a skateboarding job with this list of places to look to find skateboarding jobs! There are many skateboarding jobs out there to pick from - get a skateboarding job now!

Skateboarding for Peace in the Middle East
Skateboarding for Peace! What would happen if you took 30 skateboards and 30 helmets and brought them to kids in Israel and the Palestinian Territories? A group of skaters did just that - this is their story!

Skateboarding Movies - Top 10 Movies With Skateboarding
Skateboarding movies are a little bit rare - there just aren't as many out there as I think there should be. Skateboarding has such a huge amount of potential - most skaters live pretty dynamic lives, and the competitive skateboarding scene is huge! Of the skateboarding movies that do exist, we've coughed up this list of the top 10 - enjoy!

Guide to Filming Skateboarding
Making your own skateboarding videos is easier now than it ever has been before. Cameras are relatively cheap, editing software is free, and sites like YouTube have made sharing your videos with the world the easiest thing ever! Make your own skateboard videos - learn how to film your own skateboarding videos, and get seen!

Pro Skater Twitter Accounts
Following Pro Skater Twitter Tweets can be a lot of fun - you never know what they'll tweet! Maybe they'll mention where they're demoing, or just skating for fun. Maybe they'll tweet about their new projects or gear. Or the pro skaters will just tweet something funny! Check out this huge list of pro skater's twitter accounts, and follow some!

How to Make a Skateboarder Costume
Make Your Own Skateboarding Costume for Halloween! Whether it's Halloween, you're going to a party, or you just want to look like someone the police would take an interest in, for anyone out there who wants to dress up like a skater, here're some ideas!

The Tillman Fallen Skaters List
The Ian Tillman Foundation was founded in memory of a skater who died by falling off of his skateboard while not wearing a helmet. It sounds shocking that someone could actualy die from simply falling off a board, but it's true. The foundation works to raise helmet safety awareness and hosts skate contests.

Skateboarder Work Out Routine
Skateboarding is an excellent form of exercise all on its own, but sometimes you want to work out and build muscles to make yourself a stronger, faster and even more stable skater! These workouts can be used to help you keep your skateboarding edge in the winter or when you're injured and can't skate, or you can use them to build your body and...

James Gorecki: Professional Skateboarding Consultant
James Gorecki Interview: Professional Skateboarding Consultant - James "Jimmy" Gorecki is the Skateboarding Consultant for the popular Disney XD show, "Zeke and Luther". The show focuses on the lives of two teenage boys who dream of becoming pro skaters. Throughout the show there's a lot of skateboarding, and Gorecki's job is to make the skateboarding is as legitimate as possible. I had the oppor…

Top Skateboard iPhone Apps
Top Skateboard iPhone Apps - This list covers the top 10 apps for iPhone and iPod Touch that deal with skateboarding. These are some cool apps, from games to learning to skate to just goofing around. If you see a skateboarding iphone app that you like the look of, you can find it through iTunes or directly on your iPhone!

Skateboarder Gift Ideas - What's Your Wish List?
Skateboarder Gift Ideas - What's Your Wish List? What do you want for Christmas? Share your gift ideas here! Get some ideas for what you might want, but never knew existed, and share your wish lists.

Police Harassment and Skateboarding
Police harassment is a horrible problem, but something a lot of skaters end up facing. It's unfortunate, especially since the police are the ones with all the authority. So what should you do when harassed by the police? How do you report a bad cop? What can skaters do to protect themselves from police harassment and brutality?

Zeke and Luther Show Photo Gallery
Check out photos from the Zeke and Luther tv show on Disney XD! It's about 2 kids (Zeke and Luther) who strive to come professional skateboarders. It’s also full of outrageous stunts. If you love to laugh, you’ll love this show. See photos from the Zeke and Luther show here in this picture gall

The Truth about ABEC Skateboard Bearings
The ABEC specification has been trashed by many overseas manufacturers. Don't trust it. Ron Foster is a bearing application engineer with 22 years of experience in bearings. "Out of dozens I've measured and tested, few met the advertised ABEC specification," said Foster. Read this article to find out more about the lies and fraud about ABEC ratings, uncovered by Foster.

The Advantage of Winter and its Effects on Skateboarding
Several regions across the globe are faced with harsh winter weather during a portion of the year; skateboarding and its athletes usually have a down time in these areas. There are gains, however to having this period of inactivity. Are the advantages spiritual factors or is it simply appreciating the times when the weather is not freezing cold with snow? Maybe it is both.

Skateboard Saftey - How to Improve your Skateboard Safety
Skateboard safety is very important. Skateboard safety is a tricky topic. It's impossible to really stay 100% safe while skating, but there are things you can definitely do to improve your chances!

Skateboarding Around the World
Skateboarding Around World skateboarders talk about skateboarding worldwide. Skateboarding has taken off all over the world, and in each country it looks a little different (or sometimes a LOT different!). I've interviewed skaters from several different countries - click on the country you want to read about! I'd like to see this list grow - if you want to share your own experiences, I'm lookin…

Skateboarding World Records
Skateboarding is full of opportunities to set and break world records, and it is new, fresh and inventive enough that people are setting records all the time. Here is a list of some of the most impressive skateboarding world records:

Top 6 Reasons to Skateboard
Looking for some reasons for picking up skateboarding? Whether you need to convince your parents that skateboarding is a respectable and valuable activity, or a parent trying to convince your kid to pick up a skateboard, or if you are just thinking about skateboarding but want to know if the pain is worth it - here are the top 6 reasons to give skateboarding a shot.

What Skateboarding Is All About
What Skateboarding is All About - Skateboarding means something different to just about everybody. Think about it - you could mean riding a vert ramp, technical tricks in the driveway, riding a longboard across campus, bombing a hill with deep curves, slalom, skate park or anything else you like doing with a board with wheels nailed to the bottom. Read what skateboarding is all about.

Students Build thier Own Boards with CreateASkate
Students in school always ask the question, "Where am I ever going to use this!?” And, to be honest, it’s a good question. What if you could introduce themes like math, science and art with something as wild as skateboarding? That's exactly what CreateASkate.org is doing. CreateASkate.org is the brainchild of Paul Shmitt and it enables students in a classroom setting to make their own custom skateboard deck in either Woodshop or Art Class. They get to actually make a skateboard by hand.

I am not too old to skate!
Dean, a 39 year old with a wife and 3 kids, descides to learn to skateboard with his 13 year old daughter. Dean shares his experiences in learning to skateboard later than most, and gives some great advice about learning to skateboard as an adult. Through skateboarding, Dean's relationship with his daughter has grown, his health has improved (despite crashing!), and he has pushed himself far beyond the expectations of those around him! Not to mention, he's had a lot of fun!

Blind Speed - Daredog, blinded as a child, picks up skateboarding at age 20
Daredog, blinded as a child, picks up skateboarding at age 20 and tells her story. "I was tired of the same old "safe" activities," she says. "I wanted something more extreme" Jennifer Tissot has now been skating for a few years, and talks about what it is like to learn to skateboard while blind, and what drives her to skateboard. Read Blind Speed, the story of an incredible girl who won't let anything stop her.

Arkansas Cop Attacks Skateboarders - Skylar Nalls' Story
On June 21st, 2007, we skateboarders celebrated Go Skateboarding Day. In Hot Springs, Arkansas, a resort town, a group of friends were skateboarding through town, when an officer attacked them. You can watch the whole video on YouTube - it's pretty shocking. The video shows everything in painful detail. One of the skaters named Skylar Nalls, who photographed the incident, has come forward to tell his side of the story.

International Society of Skateboarding Moms Rolling Strong
International Society of Skateboarding Moms is a huge group of women from all over the world, mothers and non-parents alike, who love skateboarding. The International Society of Skateboarding Moms, founded by Barbara Odanaka, invites women of any age to get involved, hosts the mighty mama skate-o-rama, and organizes Rolling for Reading. Read this article about the International Society of Skateboarding Moms, and read an interview with Patti Hurst, a very active member and mother!

Why's Skateboarding so Popular?
A controversial article that explores some possible reasons behind skateboarding's popularity - what it means about skaters today, and what it means to the sport.

Skateboard Politics - California, Helmet Laws, IASC and Skateboarders
For a while now, skaters in California have been fighting a war against Senate Bill 994, which requires skateboarders to wear helmets and pads when riding in skateparks, and holds a heavy fine for skateboarders who don't, sometimes around $400. This places skateboarding in the unique category of being the only sport in California with equipment requirements that are enforceable by police. Strong arguments to put skateboarding on the HRA list are being made, read more about skateboard politics.

Skateboarding Forum
The About Skateboarding forum - a great place to get help and advice, meet new people, talk trash and make friends. Drop in and see what you think.

CreateASkate.org Photo Gallery - Students Build Thier Own Boards
CreateASkate.org is a great program that lets students build their own skateboard decks, learning lessons along the way about science, math, engineering, art and more. Take a look at this photo gallery of the CreateASkate.org program to see it for yourself.

Top 10 Skateboarding Bands, Music and Songs to Skate To
Top 10 Skateboarding Bands, Music and Songs to Skate To - Music has everything to do with skateboarding - some songs get your revved up for skateboarding, music helps you pull off harder skateboarding tricks - music gets your blood pumping and your adrenaline flowing! Take a look at this top 10 list of music, bands and songs to listen to while skateboarding!

Riders TV
A free video share site for riders (skate, ATV, dirtbikes, surfing, and snowboarding). They have news, forums, a section for brands and groups.

A social networking community in the vein of MySpace or Bebo, except dedicated entirely to the discussion of skateboarding. Social Networking Community for Skateboarding Enthusiasts.

A video sharing platform and online TV station dedicated to skateboarding. Right now they're building up a content base which is a mix of user submitted and self-produced.

A skateboarding-focused community website. icelounge Members upload videos and photos of themselves skateboarding and communicate with each other via private messaging and comments. Professional skateboarders, shop owners, manufacturers, photographers, and cinematographers also have profiles on the site. Members have direct contact with these professionals and ask them questions.

The web half of the Steelroots TV show, Steelroots.com has street teams to see, free downloads, info on featured pro riders and more, all from a Christ-centered perspective.

Real Skate
A "supportive site for skateboarders, pros, ams, beginners, fans, and supporters of skateboarding. We hope that through the experiences of our staff you will gather a positive insight into skateboarding and other unique lifestyles. Our focus is positivity and keepin it real!" - Real Skate

BFC - boardersforchrist
Boarders for Christ is a huge group that provides skate demos, video premiers, community outreaches, school assemblies, skate park design and construction, speaking and ramp rental.

Custom Skateboarding
Custom skateboarding provides some trick tips, skateboarding pictures (you can submit your own) and desktop images, plus also has a skateboarding forum.

Saved Skaters
Saved Skaters is a Christian group of skaters, some pro and some not, who have put together a team and a site with videos and more. Plus, Saved Skaters performs demos, so if you're in the market, check them out.

Custom Skateboarding
Skateboard trick tips, video clips, gear reviews, ramp plans, skate pictures, logos and forums.

Longboarding For Peace In The Middle East
Longboarding For Peace In The Middle East - Search-Spark-Stoke Tour 2012 Coming to Israel and the West Bank. A unique peace building initiative will take place throughout the month of July, bringing the joys of longboard skateboarding to children and teens in Israel and the West Bank.

Christian Pro Skateboarder Demo Teams
Christian churches and youth groups often want to bring in pro skateboarding teams to do demos at events. To fill this need, several teams of Christians who skate have formed, doing demos for events. If you are looking for a Christian pro skateboarding demo team to come to your event, try one of the teams below. If you have a team that you would like to see added to this list, e-mail me.

Skateboarding Camps and Schools Worldwide
Skateboarding Camps and Schools Worldwide - Here's a list of skateboarding schools from all over the world. If you have a skateboarding camps or school that you would like to suggest for this list, e-mail me!

Keeping a Promise to Skate, No Matter The Age!
A reader named Jose wanted to share his story of coming back to skateboarding after several decades of living. His life hasn't been easy, but I...

Miya Ando's Metal Skateboard Art Show
Miya Ando is a metal-finishing artist who creates layered finishes on steel with a process she invented, utilizing fire, acid and automotive...

WWE and Skateboarding United Through Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory
WWE and Skateboarding United Through Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory - When I heard a few weeks ago that WWE hall of famer Rowdy Roddy Piper was going to be making a special guest appearance on Fantasy Factory, I couldn’t have been more ecstatic. Both the WWE (and other wrestling affiliates) and Skateboarding can tend to be some of the more...

Windells Skateboarding Boarding School
Windells is located on Mount Hood in Oregon, close to Portland. Windells offers skate specific programs December through August, plus snowboarding and skiing camps throughout the year. They have holiday, winter, spring, and summer camps for all ages and abilities, including adult-only classes. The classes run about a week long each.

Wild Grinders Cartoon
Rob Dyrdek brings a cartoon comedy, set against the exciting backdrop of the sport of skateboarding, to Nicktoons with the new series, Wild Grinders. Inspired by Dyrdek's real-life experiences, each original half-hour episode follows the adventures of a group of friends... read more about Wild Grinders Cartoon!

Skateboarder to Ride 8,000 Miles, 35 States, in 100 Days for Cancer

Just Be Willing to Bleed

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