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Skateboard History

Skateboard history - information, articles and time lines on the history of skateboarding, and old school skateboarding.

Skateboard History Timeline
This timeline of the history of skateboarding should help you understand the history of skateboarding, and how skateboarding has evolved. This timeline covers the biggest and most impacting events. For a more detailed story of the history of skateboarding, read The History of Skateboarding. If you think anything shou…

A History of Skateboarding
Read about skateboarding's birth, and the major events and people that shaped it into what we have today.

History of the X Games
The story of X begins in 1993 and evolves to 2003 with the start of X Games IX in L.A. This is a brief timeline on how the X Games arrived as the world’s signature action sports brand.

The True Story of Dogtown and the Zephyr Team
Read the true story of Dogtown and the zephyr team (Z-boys). Starting out as a surfing team from Dogtown in Santa Monica, the Zephyr team changed skateboarding forever. These guys were lords and masters of the low, fluid style of skateboarding. Read all about the Zephyr team, their start as surfers, and how the team launched from Dogtown to impact the world of skateboarding.

Lords of Dogtown Movie Review
Lords of Dogtown is a feature film that follows the lives of the Zephyr team in the 1970's. These surfers transformed the face of skateboarding, and their story is rich with life. Lords of Dogtown focuses on the lives of Jay Adams, Tony Alva and Stacey Peralta (who wrote the script). I truly feel that anyone would enjoy this movie. Skateboarding is a huge part of it, but Lords of Dogtown more deals with the lives of these young people, and the struggles they actually went through.

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