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SKATE (game)


Definition: SKATE is a game played a lot like basketball's HORSE. You can play with as many skaters as you want, but usually there are only two challenging each other. The skaters take turns trying to land tricks. Once one skater lands a trick, the other skater has to land the same trick, or he or she earns the first letter of the word SKATE. Once a skater spells out SKATE, that player loses. It's that simple.

There are plenty of variations to SKATE, however. Usually, SKATE is played on pure flatland (with no obstacles). However, it's OK to play in a skatepark, in a parking lot using the rails and curbs, or whatever else your mind dreams up. Also, like in HORSE, some players like to play that a letter isn't earned until the first skater to land it "proves it". So, while playing, skater A (we'll call him Jackson) lands a kickflip. Then player B (we'll call her Max) tries the kickflip and bails. Now, Max should earn a letter, but first Jackson has to pull off another kickflip without messing up. If he lands it, Max gets her letter. If he doesn't, Max doesn't get a letter, and now it's her turn to try and land a trick that will be hard for Jackson, and the game goes on. This makes games of SKATE last a lot longer!

eS shoes has been holding an amateur world wide SKATE competition for several years. It used to have Eric Koston's name attached to it, but not anymore. The competition ends with a huge game of SKATE against the pros in San Diego at the end of summer.

Also Known As: game of SKATE, playing SKATE
"Hey Max, you wanna play SKATE?" or "I totally kicked Jackson's butt in SKATE!"
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