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Manual / Nose Manual


Tricks Manual 250

Dylan McAlmond manualing

Photo Credit: Michael Andrus
Definition: A manual is a skateboarding trick where, while rolling, the front wheels of the skateboard are lifted off the ground, but the tail does not touch the ground. This is called a manual or manualing. A manual is similar to a wheelie in other wheeled sports.

A "Nose Manual" is the same trick, but on the nose of the skateboard instead of the tail. A nose manual takes better balance, because of the direction the skateboard is rolling in.

Manuals and nose manuals are flatland skateboarding maneuvers, and were used a great deal in freestyle skateboarding to link tricks into one combo.

Manuals are usually slow and hard to maintain, so manualing a long distance is very impressive. It is also all to easy to lose one's balance while manualing and launch the board out in front or behind, bailing hard.

Also Known As: manual, nose manual, wheelie (but not by skateboarders)
"Rodney manualed across the top of one picnic table, tre flipped to the next table and then nose manualed that. He's ridiculous."
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