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Definition: A 360 is when a skateboarder and his or her board turns 360 degrees while in the air, so that when the skater lands he or she is still facing thier original direction.

Skateboarding rotational tricks are usualy referred to in increments of 180 degrees - 180, 360, 540, 720, and even 900 (Tony Hawk performed the first 900 in a competition at the X-Games in 2003)

360s are often combined with other skateboard tricks, combining them all into one complex trick. When referring to these, the "360" part of the trick name goes first, such as a "360 method".

Pronunciation: "Three Sixty"
Also Known As: 360 spin, 360 twist
Fenris ollied off the ramp and did a 360, landing perfectly. His buddy Tyr tried next but only managed a sketchy 180, bailed and ate the pavement.

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