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Skateboard Dictionary - Glossary of Skateboard Words and Terms

Skateboard glossary / dictionary, full of skateboarder terms, words, tricks, names and definitions. A Dictionary of skateboarding terms. Trying to figure out what makes a skateboarding trick fakie instead of switch? Wondering what a 50-50 grind looks like? Trying to figure out what in the world your skateboarding kids are saying? This glossary of skateboarding words, trick names, skateboard parts and more should help.
  1. Skateboard Parts Glossary (13)
  2. Skateboard Tricks Glossary (35)

Skateboard Slang
Skateboard Slang - How to Use Skateboarder Slang. Whether you are a new skater or just trying to understand what your skater kid is talking about, understanding skateboard slang is important! Skateboard slang might be hard to grasp at first, but it's not that tough to understand once you understand skateboarding culture a little better. I'm going to walk you through some basic skateboard slang…

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