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Es Rodrigo TX Skate Shoe Review

About.com Rating 4.5 Star Rating


Es Rodrigo TX

The Bottom Line

The Es Rodrigo TXs are high tech puffy skate shoes that combine some elements of a runner, making them great all around skateboarding shoes. Besides being pro skater Rodrigo Teixeira’s signature models, extras like the leather loop lacing system, hidden stash pocket, padded foot sleve, extra padding, and sole pattern that will work well for gripping your board or running make the Rodrigo TX a skate shoe to check out.


  • Rodrigo Teixeira pro signature model
  • Padded neoprene foot sleeve inside shoe holds foot and adds comfort
  • Tough leather loop lacing system adds durability and protects laces


  • A little heavy and bulky – not a real problem, unless you like lightweight skate shoes
  • Toe cap is only double stitched on, rather than triple stitched


  • Es Pro rider Rodrigo Teixeira signature model
  • Action leather upper with integrated mesh panels
  • Medium padded tongue with stabilizing straps
  • Hidden stash pocket in tongue
  • Thickly padded heel collar grips foot extra well
  • Thick leather lace loops with metal reinforced holes offer options
  • Rubber sleeve extended through upper for protection
  • Pull tabs on foot sleeve, tongue and heel help with pulling shoe on
  • Wide fit
  • Sizes 5 to 14

Guide Review - Es Rodrigo TX Skate Shoe Review

One of the Rodrigo TX's unique features is the padded half-sleeve for your foot on the inside. These shoes have elastic straps that stabalise the tongue in place, but they also have a stretchy padded sleeve under the tonge that helps to grip your foot in place.

The Rodrigo TXs also have one of my personal favorite features –wide set leather lace loops. These do a couple of things. First off, the leather loops help protect your laces when doing ollies and flip tricks. They also tend to last a long time – not so long as some shoes with regular lace eyelets that have been reinforced with metal – those are pretty tough. However, with those, you usualy end up buring though the laces. The Rodrigo TXs also have metal reinfoced lace holes, so you can choose.

One more special feature that you might not notice at first – there’s a small stash pouch in the tongue, right where the mesh starts. This can be totally convinuent, for putting cash or anything else that’s small and flexible.

The soles are a little odd. They look, at a glance, just like the soles of running shoes, only they’re flat for skating. They’re even more narrow at the arch. The tread also rolls up onto the toe and heel, which should help out with running and skating both.

Bottom line, these shoes have a pile of cool features that make them definitely something worth looking into. I recommend them.

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