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Es Accel Plus Skate Shoe Review

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Es Accel Plus

The Bottom Line

The Es Accel Plus is a hot skate shoe – one of the most advanced shoes in the Es arsenal. It takes all the glories of the Accel and adds a Velcro strip to seal the shoe onto your foot, and STI’s “System G2” advanced shock absorbing system in the heel. It’s a good skate shoe – with a few more special features or advances, it would be one of the best.


  • System G2 super advanced heel shock absorber – claims to be the best on the market
  • Stays on your foot – Velcro strap with high padded heel collar plus thick padded tongue
  • The outsole is double stitched to the upper – the front of the shoe won’t soon flap open


  • Narrow fit – if you are used to skate shoes being wider, these shoes will be uncomfortable


  • Leather upper with multiple layers, and double stitched
  • Triple stitched toe cap and side ollie panels
  • Full-length EVA internal midsole
  • 400 NBS stitched gum rubber outsole
  • Padded tongue with stabilizing straps
  • Thickly padded heel collar grips foot extra well
  • Velcro strap seals foot into shoe
  • Metal reinforced lace eyelets
  • Narrow fit with pointed toe
  • Sizes 5 to 14

Guide Review - Es Accel Plus Skate Shoe Review

Velcro straps on skate shoes have become fairly popular lately, and for good reason. For a while now the style has been to set your laces the length you like them, and then to tie them off so you never have to tie your shoes. With an added Velcro strap, you really don’t need the laces at all!

The Es Accels are great skate shoes, and the accel plus adds one of these Velcro straps and a super high tech shock absorber in the heel. The Velcro strap, combined with the Accel’s super deep heel / ankle cuff and thick padded tongue mean that these shoes are going to stay on your feet like they are glued on.

The System G2 is a high-tech shock absorbing system developed by the Sole Technology Institute. The STI claims that it is the most advanced shock absorber on the market! It cusions your foot, without making the heel thick and losing board feel - and it lasts a long time.

For drawbacks, the Accel Plus is more narrow than most skate shoes. I personally love wide build of skateboarding shoes, and hate narrow, pointy shoes. So for me, this is a pretty huge drawback – but it’s a personal opinion for sure. The Accel Plus is meant to be a great solid high quality skate shoe. Try them out and see what you think.

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