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Globe Vice Skate Shoe Review

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Globe Vice

The Bottom Line

The Globe Vice is a great skate shoe. No super fancy new innovations, but well built and simply comfortable. The Globe Vice skate shoe is light, and the upper is rather thin at points, but the most common wear points are very strongly reinforced, with double and even triple layers of suede or leather. In all, the Globe Vice is a good, solid, what-you-want skateboarding shoe.
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  • Light - thin upper and perforated foam tongue make this a very light shoe
  • Solid - leather or suede upper, triple stitched toe cap, plus extra heel reinforcement
  • Subtle - the Globe Vice has a quiet, confident style
  • Padding - thick padded tongue and heel collar make these comfortable, and hold them on your feet
  • Grippy - the hexagon tread pattern works especially well


  • The laces are weak and exposed - they will need to be replaced often
  • Heavy skating will blow the sides out - it takes some time, but it will happen


  • Suede / mesh or soft leather / mesh upper
  • Triple stitched double layered toe cap
  • Voxel 2 cupsole
  • Perforated side panels for ventilation
  • Two toned tread with hexagon pattern, plus Globe "G"
  • Available in 5 color

Guide Review - Globe Vice Skate Shoe Review

I like the Globe Vice skate shoes. I like how simple they look, how well they are built, and how comfortable they feel.

The Globe Vice skateboarding shoes come in mostly solid, subtle colors - white, black, brown, etc. At a glance they can look like dress shoes, or runners. But only at a glance. That's what I like the most about them. So many skate shoes out there have eye jarring colors, or outlandish designs that force people to notice them. Sometimes you just want to be relaxed, comfortable, and yourself. I feel that way a lot, and so I appreciate the Globe Vice skate shoes. They seem to say, "I'm confident in my skating. If you notice, well good for you."

But the Globe Vice skate shoes aren't only simple and quiet. They are also well designed and assembled - every panel is stitched, with the toe cap triple stitched. The corners by your toes, right where skating wears down shoes the fastest, are triple layered and stitched like crazy.

Unfortunately, the other panels are thin, just one layer. This means that they tear through faster, but only if you skate very hard on your Globe Vice skate shoes. On the other hand, thin panels mean greater heat ventilation. There's always a trade off.

Globe Vice's are great skateboarding shoes. They are well built, and should last as long as any other skate shoe. Plus, they are comfortable and look confident.

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