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Globe Vegas Skate Shoes Review

About.com Rating 4.5 Star Rating


Globe Vegas Skate Shoe

The Bottom Line

The Globe Vegas is an awesome skate shoe. With triple stitched double layered toes, a thick perforated tongue and lightweight midsole and outsole, Globe Vegases have everything you'll want for skating. PLUS, they are comfortable with strong arch support, plenty of cushioning and breath-ability in the toes. The only real drawbacks are the lack of any amazing new hyped up gimmick - which means you can rest easy knowing that all of the Globe Vegases features are tested and will work.
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  • Style - these shoes have a strong, clean style that looks solid and fast
  • Features - Globe Vegases have a mountain of features
  • Comfortable - nice and wide, with strong arch support and tongue stabilizers


  • Weak laces. Extra laces are provided, but they are thin and will break.


  • Durable soft action and canvas upper, or peer skin and suede upper (depending on style)
  • Triple stitched double layered toe
  • Perforated vamp and side panels
  • Mesh tongue with perforated tongue foam and internal stabilizers
  • Sandback toe and heel
  • Breathable mesh linings
  • Molded footbed
  • Durable, lightweight CM rubber outsole
  • Lightweight CM EVA midsole cushions against strong impact
  • Available in 3 styles, from quiet black to strong white and red to loud yellow and blue

Guide Review - Globe Vegas Skate Shoes Review

The Globe Vegas is a well made skateboarding shoe. I mentioned the double layered, triple stitched toes - this is perfect. The outer layer is tough textured rubber that will grip your board, triple stitched is the strongest your will find, and with two layers your shoes will last longer. The whole shoe is stitched together using leather, suede and canvas. The sole is also something to brag about - the Globe Vegases strong gum sole is cut along stress lines, and has extra strength right at the ball of your foot.

Another bragging point for the Globe Vegas skate shoe is its comfort. Breathable mesh linings, molded footbed and a EVA midsole for extra padding all help out, along with the thick breathable tongue. With this much padding, my feet usually get hot while testing shoes, and they were fine in these Globe Vegases. The arch support also added a ton of comfort. Too many skate shoes seem to be built for flat footed World War II draft rejects. My feet have arches, and I loved how these shoes fit.

Globe Vegas skate shoes have strong style, as well. Three different color patterns are available, and each has a strong, clean, fast look. If you want subtle strength, go for the black ones. If you want something loud and unique, the blue and yellow Globe Vegases might be perfect. Whichever you choose, Globe Vegases are a great skate shoe that should give most skaters everything they want. I highly recommend them.

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