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Globe Castro Skateboarding Slipper Review

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Globe Castro Skate Slipper

The Bottom Line

Globe Castros are like good slippers that just happen to be skatable. They are soft and comfortable, warm, and slip on and off easily. Flip them over, and you can see they have a tough, grippy sole that means you can skateboard with your Globe Castros on. I didn't skate very well mind you, but the fact that I could was pretty cool. If you are looking for a pure slipper, try one that's not made my a skate company. But if you are looking for image and style, the Globe Castro is for you.
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  • Comfortable - soft, warm fake sheepskin linings
  • Skatable - thick, grippy soles make skating possible
  • Style - Globe Castros look and feel good


  • Globe Castros aren't the best for skating. They are good for slight skating and heavy lounging.


  • Suede with corduroy upper
  • Hand sewn details
  • Imitation sheepskin linings
  • Internal die-cut EVA mid-sole
  • Full rubber Voxel 2 cupsole
  • Available in two styles - solid black, or brown and tan

Guide Review - Globe Castro Skateboarding Slipper Review

Slippers are the new hotness in skate shops. Have you noticed? And there are some pretty good ones out there, like these Globe Castros. Globe Castros are about sitting on your veranda, looking out over your plantation, maybe smoking a cigar.

At least that's how I felt with them on. On the other hand, you can just look good, walking or skating around town. Globe Castros have a comfortable, relaxed style that I enjoyed.

The skateboarding aspect of the Globe Castro sandals is a little tricky. They work great, but you will be tempted to try some tricks. I sure was. And it didn't work out as well as I imagined. Because these are actual slippers, Globe Castros don't grip your heel like other shoes. Your heel will rattle around, or just pop right out. For a lot of skaters, this feeling is something you may be already used to, though, with big puffy skate shoes. The feeling of Globe Castros it a little different, but close enough. If you buy some Castros, feel confident in light skating. The bottom line is, these slippers are very skatable, and you will look slick when you wear them.

And that's the deal. Globe Castros are well made, comfortable and fun. And you will want to try skateboarding - these slippers just ask for it. Go for it, just stay well within your ability, and you and your slippers should be fine! And to top it all off, Globe Castros aren't super expensive - check out a pair, and see what you think.

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