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Fallen Strike Skateboarding Shoe Review

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Fallen Strike Skateboarding Shoe Review

The Bottom Line

The Fallen Strike is one tough skateboarding shoe. The entire upper is made from thick heavy duty suede, the lave eyelets are all metal, the toe cap is triple stitched with a hidden rubber layer for extra toughness, all the edges are double stitched - the Fallen Strike is a ripped skateboarding shoe that's looking for a fight. The Fallen Strike is also available in a couple of color styles that add to it's punk look, if you need even tougher skateboarding shoes.


  • Durable, well built tough design
  • Hidden rubber reinforced toe cap adds miles to these shoes
  • Comfortable - thick padding on the tongue and heel hold these on your feet
  • No animal products used in construction


  • Exposed laces
  • No heel gel pad or extra shock absorption - but better board feel


  • Heavy duty durable suede upper
  • Hidden rubber toe cap
  • metal eyelets for lacing
  • ventilation holes for comfort
  • foam padded tongue with stabilizer straps and padded heel collar add support
  • EVA insole and midsoles to absorb impact
  • Multi-tone bottom
  • Sticky herring bone sole for grip and flexibility
  • Available in Black with gold logos, White with Black logos, or Checkers with black toe cap and heel

Guide Review - Fallen Strike Skateboarding Shoe Review

Did I mention these shoes are tough? Let me fill you in a little more about some of the Fallen Strike's features.

The Fallen Strike skateboarding shoe has a thick padded tongue and thick heel collar, so you can oversize them if you want, or just have a pile of comfort and support. Which will be useful, since Fallen Strikes are just asking to be skated in. With all of this extra added reinforcement and strong design, you can bust out tricks without worry.

Underneath the triple stitched toe cap is a hidden rubber toe cap - this means that you shouldn't blow out the toes very fast in your new Fallen Strikes. The side panels are reinforced as well, and the lace eyelets are reinforced with metal. You'll likely rip up your laces with your technical tricks, but the laces that come with the shoes are stronger than most. They should last you a while.

But what about style? Fallen Strikes have plenty of that - leather logo panels stitched on that look sick, the solid leather profile, and if you really want to go for it, Fallen Strikes are available in a black and white checker pattern.

Do you skate hard? Do you want a shoe that's tough enough to keep up? Try on a pair of Fallen Strikes, and see if you can keep up with them.

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