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Fallen Ripper Skateboarding Shoes Review

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Fallen Ripper Skateboarding Shoes Review - Chris Cole Signature Model Skater Footwear

Fallen Ripper Skateboarding Shoes Review

Fallen Footwear

The Bottom Line

Fallen Rippers are simple, well made tough little skate shoes. They seem a little too simple at first glance, but that's part of what's great about them - you get everything you need, without any glam-rock extras. The upper is tough and well stitched, with extra reinforcements around the edges, and the added toe-cap layer. The upper laces have extra reinforcement as well. Plus, the light, soft inside and moderately padded tongue single the Fallen Ripper out for some serious shredding, with comfort and a low-profile style.
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  • Soft, comfortable, low profile
  • Strong suede upper with reinforcements
  • Chris Cole signature model


  • Exposed lower laces


  • Chris Cole Signature Model
  • Soft and resilient suede upper
  • Light foam padded collar and tongue for comfort and support
  • Soft EVA insole with full length latex layer and gel heel for impact cushioning
  • Available in simple Fallen black with white logos, white, gray, red, green, black-and-red, and brown

Guide Review - Fallen Ripper Skateboarding Shoes Review

Fallen Ripper skateboarding shoes are Chris Cole's signature model. Every once in a while, I get an e-mail from a parent asking if this really matters - if having a pro's name like Chris Cole on your shoe really makes the shoe better. The answer, surprisingly, is yes! Usually. Chris Cole's name on the shoe means that he picked out the style, and that he himself wears them. As a pro skater, Chris Cole wouldn't want to wear anything but the best, plus, as a pro, he knows what works and what's just extra fluff that really gets in the way. With the Fallen Ripper skateboarding shoe, you see exactly what I mean.

With the Fallen Ripper, there's nothing extra packed in to make it look fancy or sound cool. It's a pure skateboarding shoe. The low profile, simple old-school shape (though this is more and more becoming current style again!), and all the extra durability and reinforcement - the Fallen Ripper is built for ripping. Simple enough.

But don't think the simplicity makes it a bad shoe - I really like it! Fallen Rippers are comfortable, fit well, hold together, and don't weigh you down. I recommend them. The only drawback that I found was the laces - this is always my problem though, so you might not even need to worry about it! But, for me, I don't like thin laces, and I don't like my lower laces to be exposed. They get ripped up in flip tricks too easily for me. But, everything else about these shoes rocks, so if you haven't had this same problem as me, then maybe don't worry about it!

Basically, if you are looking for a comfortable, stylish, simple in form but complex in design skate shoe, then check out Chris Cole's Fallen Rippers.

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