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Fallen Revolver Billy Marks Signature Model Skateboarding Shoe Review

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Fallen Revolver Billy Marks Signature Model Skateboarding Shoe Review

Fallen Revolver Skateboarding Shoe

Photo: Fallen Footwear

The Bottom Line

The Fallen Revolver skateboarding shoe is, I believe, Billy Marks' first pro model skate shoe, and I'm happy to say it's a keeper. Packed with all the extra features you've come to expect in Fallen skateboarding shoes, Billy Marks' Revolver is a great skateboarding shoe. It doesn't push the envelope in any area, or do anything really new, but it's a great skateboarding shoe, so there you go. The style is simple and comfortable, but still strong, the shoe is tough in all the right places, and still comfortable and padded. Plus, the Fallen Revolver does have Billy Marks' name on it, which is pretty cool!
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  • Billy Marks pro skater signature model - and Billy's got taste!
  • Light and flexible - as light as canvas skate shoes, but better padding and tougher
  • Strong - durable leather or nubuck upper, double and triple stitched, with extra layers
  • Comfortable - padded tongue and heel collar, everything you'd expect in a shoe from Fallen


  • Just that this shoe doesn't really introduce anything new - but it does do the old stuff very well!


  • Billy Marks pro skater signature model skateboarding shoe
  • Soft synthetic leather, suede or nubuck upper - strong, and animal product free
  • The toe cap features a thin rubber layer under the upper to add more durability and protection
  • Traditional foam padded tongue and heel collar make the Fallen Revolver comfortable, and add support
  • Internal padded tongue stabilizer straps
  • Improved soft EVA insole and midsole with gel heel and forefoot adds impact cushioning
  • Outsole is highly abrasion resistant (but will still wear down - just not as fast!)
  • Sticky gum rubber sole is grippy and flexible
  • Available in several colors - mostly monochromatic blacks, whites and grays

Guide Review - Fallen Revolver Billy Marks Signature Model Skateboarding Shoe Review

First let's talk about who Billy Marks is. In 2006 he placed 9th at the X Games, was a finalist in the Dew Action Sports Tour for street, took 4th in the Es Final Game of SKATE, got a hot tub and tanning bed installed in his home, and had his first pair of pro model Fallens come out - the Fallen Revolvers.

These shoes are well built - action leather / nubuck uppers can take a pounding, the panels are all double stitched, with a triple stitched toe cap that runs all the way back to include a flap that you can use to protect your lowest laces. The laces themselves are even tough. The heel cap is double layered, and these Fallen Revolvers shouldn't blow out too soon (of course they can, and might eventually - skateboarding is mean, after all, but in testing I didn't see any signs for blowout at all). The lace eyelets are all holes in the actual leather upper - not plastic eyelets or anything - and the top and lower eyelets are reinforced with an extra layer of leather.

For skateboarding, these Fallen Revolvers should be great. The eyelet flaps should give your laces a fighting chance for survival, the padded heel (with airbag plus gel) will make your landings more comfortable, and the padded tongue is just the right amount. The heel collar is padded just right so that you can perma-tie your laces if you want, or you can cinch them tight if you want more support.

And that's really it - the Fallen Revolver skateboarding shoes are great for skating, and in testing I didn't find anything to complain about. Like I said, they don't do anything all that new, but that's often a good thing. Fallen Revolvers have all the luxury and fine craftsmanship that go into Fallen shoes, making them a top 10 skateboarding shoe, and they come with Billy Marks' blessing! I recommend them.

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