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Fallen Relapse – Collective Model Skate Shoe Review

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Fallen Relapse – Collective Model Skate Shoe Review

The Bottom Line

Fallen Relapses have everything I want in a skateboarding shoe. Seriously. Everything. Puffy tongue with straps, padded heel collar, finger loop for pulling your shoes on, protected lace eyelets, monster thick laces, sticky gum soles ... on and on, Fallen Relapses have everything, PLUS a little extra! Fallen Relapse skateboarding shoes have hidden rubber strips up the sides for tricks, adding grip and protection. And, like the icing on a cake (literally), Fallen Relapses look GREAT!
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  • Style - the crisp, solid, definite Fallen style looks good on these shoes
  • Features - Fallen Relapses have everything you need for strong skateboarding
  • Fallen - Fallen takes the extra step in making high quality skateboarding gear


  • Fallen Relapses aren't Pro Signature shoes - instead, they're Collective Models


  • Available in four color schemes - black/ox blood, black/white, black/dk. grey, dk. grey/black
  • Action leather or heavy duty suede upper
  • Lightweight foam padded tongue with stabilizer straps
  • Padded heel collar for added support
  • Double stitched suede or leather lace eyelets add strength and protect thick cord laces
  • gel heel pad adds impact cushioning
  • Triple stitched toe cap
  • Soft EVA insole and full length midsole for extra padding and comfort
  • Sticky gum rubber sole with herring bone pattern
  • Animal product free

Guide Review - Fallen Relapse – Collective Model Skate Shoe Review

There are certain things that I personally look for in skateboarding shoes. I want them to have a good amount of padding, sticky gum soles, protected lace eyelets, action leather uppers, triple stitched toe caps, and thick burly laces. The Fallen Relapse has all of these, plus a little extra.

All the lace eyelets are double stitched action leather or suede (depending on the style of Relapse). This will help protect your laces while doing tricks. The laces themselves are thick cords, rather than those wimpy thin laces that some skate shoes come with. The toe cap is triple stitched, and covers over around to the sides as well, adding ollie and kickflip support. Plus, if this all weren’t enough, the Fallen Relapse has two subtle rubber strips that run up each side of the shoe. These help grip your skateboard while doing technical tricks. The Fallen Relapse is a pure skateboarding shoe, designed for and by skateboarders, to help you ride better.

The only problem with these shoes, if you can call it that, is that the Fallen Relapses aren't pro signature models. On the other hand, sometimes you don't want a pro skateboarder to design your shoe. They aren't necessarily pros at shoe design, and sometimes they can come up with something a little funky. The Fallen Relapses are well designed, plus they look great! Everything Fallen makes looks crisp and definite.

Check out Fallen Relapses. I highly recommend them. They have everything you need, plus extra features and style.

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