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Fallen Ace Skateboarding Shoes Review

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Fallen Ace Skateboarding Shoes Review

Fallen Ace Skateboarding Shoe

The Bottom Line

Fallen Aces are a new Jamie Thomas pro signature skateboarding shoe in the Fallen lineup. Jamie Thomas has packed these shoes with features, and built them to an extreme high grade. The toe cap is reinforced to a powerful degree, there's an added vent to the side for cool comfort. Fallen Aces come in several solid colors as well, adding to the stark, strong image of these skateboarding shoes.
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  • High grade, high performance skateboarding shoes
  • Strong Fallen style
  • Synthestic leathers - no animal products used
  • Jamie Thomas signature model


  • The side vents mean that walking through puddles will get your socks wet. So don't.
  • No arch support


  • Soft synthetic leather, suede or nubuck upper
  • Asymetrical stabalizer for medial upper support
  • Thin rubber layer under tow cap for protection and durability
  • Extra stitching around ankle, lace eyelets and sole add strength
  • Open mesh window on medial upper for ventilation
  • modled rubber lace protection on lower and upper portion of eyestay
  • traditional foam padded tongue with internal stabilization straps
  • Improved soft EVA insole with gel heel and forefoot for impact cushioning
  • Brasion resistant outsole with sticky gum rubber sole
  • Availalbe in 4 color styles - white, black, dk. chocolate and dk. Grey

Guide Review - Fallen Ace Skateboarding Shoes Review

Jamie Thomas continues to amaze me. Fallen has made premium skateboarding shoes from the start, and you would think that they would have eventually run out of ideas to make better skateboarding shoes. Not so - the Fallen Ace is pure skateboarding, and has some special features that should make your mouth water.

First of these is the toe cap. If you skate hard, you know that your toe caps get worn down quickly. For me, the toe cap and the side of the shoe near my pinky toes get trashed the fastest. The Fallen Ace skateboarding shoe's toe cap is triple layered, with the final layer being triple stitched. PLUS, a rubber layer has been added under the toe cap, for even longer durability and strength!

Another cool feature of the Fallen Ace skateboarding shoe is the ventilation on the sides. The inner side of the shoes (medial upper) have thin tough mesh panels, which keep your feet cool without sacrificing the strength of the shoes. Yes, if you jump in puddles, your socks will get wet. So don't jump in puddles in your skate shoes. Wear basketball shoes for that.

Fallen Aces also feature rubber reinforcement tabs for the lower and upper shoe laces. I love these things. Personally, I laced mine so that the laces go behind the rubber tab, and the rubber tab acts like a guard. But either way, it's a good feature.

Finally, the Fallen Ace is simply a well built skateboarding shoe. Just take a look at the list of features and see for yourself. I highly recommend these shoes.

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