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Etnies Evader Skate Shoe Review

About.com Rating 4 Star Rating


Etnies Evader

The Bottom Line

Etnies Evaders are a revisit to the classic skate shoe style. Perforated suede uppers are comfortable and breathable, while the toe and heel caps are triple stitched for added strength. The whole shoe has a more thinned out look and design which not only lightens the shoe, but adds to it’s smooth classic style and actualy improved board feel.


  • Classic skate shoe look and feel
  • Extra thick and grippy rubber wrapped around the toes improves skating and shoe life span
  • Suede upper with dual triple stitching and ollie panels lasts long while looking good


  • Less heel collar padding means the shoe will slip off easier. This is both a pro and a con
  • Laces exposed to wear – you’ll have to replace them often


  • Suede upper (perforated for breathability)
  • Triple stitched ollie protection
  • Thinned out classic fit
  • polyurethane inserted into heel for maximum comfort
  • Padded tongue and collar
  • Elastic tongue centering straps
  • Vulcanized construction
  • Grippy gum rubber bottom
  • Lightweight classic design
  • Sizes 5 to 13

Guide Review - Etnies Evader Skate Shoe Review

The Etnies Evader does a great job of both looking classic and stylish, while being an excelent shoe for skateboarding.

For features, the Evader has a lightweight suede upper that’s been perforated to improve the shoe’s breathablility. The toe cap is triple stitched, as well as the extra suede cap on the heel. The ollie panels are also triple stitched, and the cuff around the ankle has extra reinforcement. The front half of the rubber outsole is also extra thick and grippy. These shoes are well built for skating.

But they also look awesome. The colors are simple and stylish. Suede pannels with stitched Etnies logos and the low cut classic style make these shoes an excelent idea for skating or dating.

The padding on the inside of the shoe is subtle and comfortable. The padding near the heel is different from most skate shoes – less padding directly on the back, and more on the sides make the Evader easier to slip on and off. If you are used to setting your shoes so that they are tied off permanently, so you slip them on and off, this will make the shoes fall of easier. This isn’t a big deal, but for some skaters it could be.

These are some of the best classic styled skate shoes I’ve seen. They’re comfortable and durrable. If you are looking for aggressive skate shoes, you should check out something else – but for moderate skating and good feeling, good looking style, try the Evader.

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