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DC Josh Kalis Signature Skateboarding Shoe Review

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DC Josh Kalis Signature Skateboarding Shoe Review

DC Kalis (Josh) Signature Skateboarding Shoe Review

DC Josh Kalis Skate Shoe Photo: DC Shoe Co USA

The Bottom Line

DC Kalis - Josh Kalis Signature Skateboarding Shoe Review. The new DC KJ6 skateboarding shoes for spring of 2006 are some of the coolest looking skate shoes I've had the pleasure to review. The style is bold and strong, the shoes are designed to take a beating, they're comfortable and even feature extra lace protection. Seriously, these are some good skateboarding shoes.


  • Tough and active - DC Super Suede upper, well stitched, reinforced lace eyelets
  • Skate features - durable, grippy and flexible
  • Style - DC Kalis's look sweet, especially the new cammo pattern


  • Not much! The white gets dirty, and the arch support is low ... but really, not much


  • Super Suede - DC's own special suede that lasts up to 50% longer than regular suede
  • Dynamic Grip Technology (DGT) - three zones, colored blue and black
  • Performalite Polyurethane
  • Soft and resilient action leather upper
  • Thermoplastic urethane (TPS) heel stabilizer for added heel support
  • Foam padded tongue with elastic stabilizer straps and padded heel collar
  • Available in black / lt gray, black / true red, dc navy / sand, white / black, white / cammo

Guide Review - DC Josh Kalis Signature Skateboarding Shoe Review

DC Josh Kalis Signature Skateboarding Shoe Review - Josh Kalis has always had a strong style in all of his signature models, but these new DC Kalis skateboarding shoes are the most stylish yet. Most of the color schemes are bold three tones - the pair I tried out are black and gray, with a bright red rubber DC logo on the side, and red trim. They look seriously sweet, but not as awesome as the latest version - white, with forest cammo around the heel and toe cap. Man. So cool.

But looking cool is only so important with skate shoes - you want them to work for skating as well, right? The DC Josh Kalis signature shoes have medium padded tongues, thick padding on the heel collar, and soft suede or leather uppers. The sole features DGT, and the shoe is well stitched. The laces are thick and strong, and the lace eyelets are reinforced with rubber, and the lower TWO eyelets have optional guards.

Everything about these DC Josh Kalis pro model skateboarding shoes are designed for heavy action - they're tough, grippy, and have an active, kickin' style.

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