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Globe Fusion Skateboarding Shoe Review

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Globe Fusion Skate Shoes Review

Globe Fusion Skate Shoes

Globe Shoes
Globe Fusions are packed with tons of tech - with extra reinforcements, stitching, padding, grip - they do everything. Plus, they are freaky comfortable, and breathe well. It's tough to find a team shoe that performs this well, and I think Globe did a great job in making the Globe Fusion. If you are looking for a pair of bulky, heavy duty technical trick ready skate shoes, read more about Globe Fusions.

Globe Fusions - CT IV's Long Lost Cousin?

At a glance, Globe Fusions remind me of the old Globe CT IVs. In fact, it was a reader pointing this out that got me interested in reviewing a pair. I loved the old CT IVs - the memory foam inside the shoe made them fit like slippers. But, I'm guessing something was wrong with that design or the technology, since Globe has shifted their designs since.

Globe Fusions might not have that kind of crazy memory foam gimmick, but they DO have copious amounts of padding. The tongue is all one piece, thickly padded in a ring around your ankle that is both super comfortable, and that holds these shoes on your feet with a ton of support. The thickly padded tongue does separate on the sides, letting your foot breathe easy through the super thick and tough leather side panels. The toe of the Globe Fusions also thins out just across the top, to allow your feet to breath. Globe Fusions scream comfort. So, while they might not mold to your feet like CT IVs, they do do the next best thing (and maybe better, considering how much air they let in through the toe and side panels).

Globe Fusion Technology

Globe Fusion Skate Shoes Review

Globe Fusion Skate Shoes

Globe Shoes
And there's more tech than that built into these babies. The toe cap is triple reinforced and triple stitched, extending around to reinforce your ollie panels, with the extra lacing eyelets that you can chose to not use, to help protect your laces more. The laces are, unfortunately, flimsy as with all skate shoes, and you will tear them up pretty quick. (I swear someone could make a fortune selling tough skate laces ... unless they worked, and no one had to buy them anymore!)

The lace eyelets are threaded through double reinforced and double stitched leather panels, and the top lace eyelet is extra reinforced. The side panels are extremely strong, and stitched all over to keep them from ripping or blowing out. The heel cup is also rock hard strong, with layers of reinforcement.

the sole is nice and grippy, using two different tread patterns. The style is supposed to help you out with skating, by having different tread patterns where you need them.

And those are just some of the features; the ones that I wanted to point out. Here's a factory list to take a look at:
  • TDR ollie reinforcement
  • TPR heel stabilizer
  • Complete inner sock construction combining a unique combination of breathable mesh, Spandex, and Micro P materials
  • Tongue pull for easy access
  • Super-soft, full-length internal die-cut kinetic EVA cushioning system
  • Supportive CM rubber cupsole with stitch reinforcement and thicker sidewall construction for durability
  • Combined tread patterns placed in key areas for grip and flexibility
These shoes are built to be beaten up, and they can take it.

Globe Fusion Skatability

Just to make it clear, just in case that huge list of features didn't - yes, Globe Fusions are quite skatable.

Now, I know that sometimes having an impressive list of features just means a more expensive shoe to throw away, but not so much here. You can destroy your Fusions, and you will eventually, but they should last you a good long time first. And in the mean time, while you skate them, you should be happy.

That is, you should be happy just as long as you aren't hoping to get a super light pair of canvas skate shoes or something. These shoes aren't light. They aren't overly heavy, either, but they aren't dainty little skate shoes, either. I want to make sure you know that, in case you buy them off the internet or something. If you can, go to a skate shop and try them on first. For me, the size is GREAT for skating - I like knowing my feet are protected on all sides, and I like cushioning, but that's not for everyone.

Globe Fusions - Final Thoughts

Globe Fusion Skate Shoes Review

Globe Fusion Skate Shoes

Globe Shoes
One little suggestion - if you buy a pair, don't get the solid white. That's the pair that I reviewed, and they looked SWEET ... until I skated in them. Unless, of course, the dingy and nasty style is what you want! It will show off how hardcore you are, I guess...

Honestly, I really liked these shoes! I requested them for review because they sparked my interest, reminding me of the old CT IVs, and I expected to be disappointed. But I wasn't. I've worn them heavily since receiving my pair for review, and I love the way they fit and feel. Plus, you can skate hard in them. Given, if you are looking for a light weight skate shoe, Globe Fusions might not be your best bet. Globe has other shoes for that. But if you are looking for a strong pair of bulkier skate shoes that you can beat the crud out of, and be comfortable in while you do it, try a pair of Globe Fusions!

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