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Readers Respond: Skateboarding Stories

Readers Respond: Skateboarding Stories - Skaters share their stories and opinions about skateboarding tricks, advice, top 10 lists, etc.

Worst Skateboard Trucks - What Are the Worst Skateboard Truck…
Skateboard trucks come in a ll kinds of sizes and designs, and there are always new ones hitting the shelves of skate shops. Which ones are good, and which ones are terrible? Which trucks are ones you should avoid? Write about which trucks you think are the worst, and make sure to say why you hate 'em! You can also read about which trucks other skaters think are junk.

Worst Skateboard Shoes - What are the Worst Skateboard Shoes …
There are hundreds of skate shoes to pick from, and it's also good to know which skate shoes people think are the WORST. Tell the world which skate shoes you hate, and why. Did they wear out too fast? How did they wear out? Where did they rip? Are they uncomfortable? Tough to skate in? Share which skate shoes you think are the worst, and read what other skaters have to say, too.

Worst Skateboard Wheels - Which Skateboarding Wheels are the Worst?
Your wheels are where your skateboard touches the ground, and having bad wheels can make all the difference in how well you skate. Some wheels flatspot more quickly, rip apart more quickly, and some are just made with a bad formula. Share which wheels you think are the WORST! Describe the wheels you think are the worst, and make sure to explain why. You can also read what other people think, …

Worst Skateboard Decks - Top Worst Skateboard Deck Brands
There are hundreds of skateboard deck brands out there, and they aren't all equal. Every skater has brands they love, and brands they think are pure trash. What's the WORST skateboard deck you've used? Have you had a lame experience with a certain deck, and want to share it? What deck brands do you think are junk? Share your story here; say what deck you think is the worst, and why! You can…

Best Longboard - What are the Top Best Longboards?
There are a LOT of different types and styles of longboards to choose from - too many for anyone to try them all! Which lonboards do YOU think are the best? What's your favorite longboard? Share which longboards YOU think are the best. Describe the longboard, and tell us all why you think that longboard is the best!

Skateboard Setups - Describe Your Skateboard Setup
Skateboard Setups - Describe your skateboard setup and post photos and check out other skater's skateboard setups. A skater's setup is all of the parts that goes into his or her skateboard, so the trucks, wheels, bearings, and deck, among other parts. What's your skateboard setup?

How Did You Get Sponsored Skateboarding?
Getting sponsored as a skateboarder is tricky - there are things you can do, but people get sponsored as a skateboarder in all kinds of ways. What's your skateboard sponsorship story? how did you get sponsored? Share your story here on how you got sponsored as a skater - how did it happen, what did you do, what companies sponsored you, and if you have any tips to share with other skaters who w…

How Did You Learn to Ollie?
How to Ollie - Learning how to ollie is strange. Some skaters learn in just a few hours of practicing, while others can take more than a year! I have the How to Ollie instructions, but how did YOU learn to ollie? What problems did you run into, and how did you get past them? Tell your learning to ollie story here, and if you have any advice, share it!

Worst Movie Skateboarding Scenes
Worst Movie Skateboarding Scenes - I love it when I'm watching a movie, and along comes a completely ridiculous skateboarding scene! Often it seems like the person skateboarding doesn't even know how to skate! Or there are the scenes with incredible skateboarding that make absolutely NO sense! We've all seen them - share your favorite worst movie skateboarding scene here. Describe the scene a…

Worst Skater Police Stories
Unfortunately, skaters tend to have a lot of run-ins with cops. Read other people's worst skateboarder police stories, and share your own story here!

How Has a Helmet Saved You?
How Has a Helmet Saved You? Wearing a helmet while skateboarding isn't necessarily cool ... but sometimes helmets can save your life! Do you have a skateboarding story about how a helmet kept your brains intact? Share your story here!

How I Built My Skateboard Ramp, Rail or Obstacle
Building your own home made ramp, rail or skate obstacle isn't that tough. However, there are easy ways to do it, and ways that don't work so well. This is a form for people to share how they built their own skateboard ramps, and to post plans and pictures. Read and see how other skaters built their skateboard ramps, and post your stories, ideas and advice about how you built yours!

What are the top 10 skate shoes?
Skate shoes are something that most skaters have strong opinions on. Narrowing down a list of the top 10 skate shoes can be tough, and I bet that several readers would like to disagree with my list, and share a list of their own. What's your top 10 skate shoes list?

What are the top 10 skateboard videos?
If you've been a skater long, you've probably got a top 10 skateboard videos list in mind. I have my list here, but if you have your own ideas and want to share them, here's the place to do it! There are so many skateboard videos on the market, and so many different styles of skateboarding, there's a great chance that your videos list will open up someone else's eyes to something they might nev…

What are your Top 10 Skateboard Decks?
Not all skateboard decks are created equal! Every skater has their own opinions on which skateboard deck brands are better, and which are garbage. I bet that several readers would like to disagree with my top 10 skateboard decks, and share a list of their own. If you have your own idea of the Top 10 Skateboard Decks, share your list here!

How do You Skateboard When it's Cold or Wet Outside?
How do You Skateboard When it's Cold or Wet Outside? Share your ideas here, and get some ideas from other skaters! Skating when it's cold and raining can be tough - what should you do? Share your solutions here!

What's the worst skatepark etiquette you've seen?
Skateparks are built for fun, but cramming that many skaters into a concrete bowl is asking for trouble. From tempers flaring to collisions, to having to share the park with bikers or, worse, rollerbladers ... everyone’s got a story. What’s the worst behavior you’ve seen at a skatepark? Share your stories.

Best New York Skate Spots
Best New York Skate Spots - New York is one of the world's greatest cities, which means it's also one of the world's biggest skateboarding playgrounds. New York is packed with skate spots! Read about and share your favorite New york skate spot here - it can be a small secret skate spot, or an established place. Make sure to explain where the spot is, and what makes it such a great spot to skate. …

Best Skate Spots in LA California
LA California is one of the sweetest places to skate in the world. LA is packed with skate spots! Share your favorite LA skate spot here - it can be a small secret skate spot, or an established place. Make sure to explain where the spot is, and what makes it such a great spot to skate. And if the spot an official one and has a website, post it too!

Best Tampa Bay Florida Skate Spots
Best Tampa Bay Florida Skate Spots - Tampa Bay has produced some incredible young up-and-coming skaters, and Tampa has been a mecca for Am skateboarding for years. Florida is packed with skate spots! Read about and share your favorite Florida skate spot here - it can be a small secret skate spot, or an established place. Make sure to explain where the spot is, and what m…

Go Skateboarding Day Events and Stories
Go Skateboarding Day is June 21st, the first day of summer. It's a day to celebrate skateboarding, to have demos and contests, to hang out with friends, and most importantly to go skateboarding! Read about events people are planning, read stories from Go Skateboarding Day events, and post your own!

Skateboarding Injuries Pics
Skateboarding Injuries Pics - Share Pictures of Your Best Skateboarding Injuries. Post pictures of your most gnarly skateboarding injuries, and share your stories for how you got them! Check out other skater's skateboarding injury pics, and share yours!

What Skateboarding Is All About - What's Your Reason to Skate?
What is Skateboarding all about to you? Skateboarding means something different to just about everybody. Think about it - you could mean riding a vert ramp, technical tricks in the driveway, riding a longboard across campus... Then there are the deeper meanings that skateboarding can take - freedom, creativity, destruction... So what does...

What Are The Best Skateboard Bearings?
Best Bearings for Skateboarding - There are a LOT of different skateboard bearings on the market - which ones are your favorite, and why? Name your favorite bearings, and say WHY you like 'em so much! You can also read which bearings other skaters like, to get some good ideas!

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