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Best Skateboard Helmets List

When shopping for a skateboard helmet, make sure you get the best!


Skateboard helmets are one of those things that no one wants to spend too much money on. Most skaters don't even want to wear a helmet at all! But, hitting your head is all too easy in skateboarding, and for that time you DO slam your skull into the coping or curb, you will be glad you bought the best skateboard helmet you could! This list should help you pick out a good skateboard helmet.

Pro-Tec Skateboard Helmets

Pro-Tec Classic white skateboard helmet
Pro-Tec has been the name in skateboard helmets for many years. They really know what they are doing, and are worn by a huge chunk of the pro skateboarder world.

Pro-Tec has several helmets on the shelves, and you should be just as safe with any of them. the Pro-Tec Classic is on the cheaper side, but only because it doesn't have any of the special bells and whistles that other Pro-Tec helmets have. If you want the cheapest high quality, the Classic is a great choice. They come in a wide variety of colors.

For a little higher quality, the Pro-Tec Ace helmet is a good one. It has more shape, and can be used safely after a crash! Normally, manufacturers say to replace them.

TSG Skateboard Helmets

TSG Skateboard Helmets
TSG Skateboard Helmets
TSG ("Technical Safety Gear") is another very strong name in skateboard and snowboard safety gear. Plus, their helmets and logos look pretty sweet.

The TSG Evolution is a great skateboard helmet choice - it's comfortable for a helmet, and comes in over thirty colors and styles! I wear a TSG Evolution helmet myself. I like them because it's one of the few helmets, besides Pro-Tec, that I could find that would fit my massive head.

The TSG Superlight is also a good choice - you sacrifice some protection, but loose a lot of weight. It sounds like a dangerous trade, but you should be safe enough. TSG also makes superlight helmets that they advertise for use in multiple sports.

Bern Skateboard Helmets

Bern Watts Skateboard Helmet
Bern Watts Skateboard Helmet
Bern makes some very cool looking skateboard and snowboard helmets. And, they should do a good job of protecting your head!

The Bern Watts helmet and Baker helmet have bills, like a baseball cap. They look a little like construction hard hats, or World War II Allied helmets.

Bern also makes the Brentwood, a very light helmet that can combine with a visor, or fit over your cap if you get a large enough helmet.

Bern helmets can also come with EPS Block foam technology, which springs back to its original shape after an impact, so you can re-use the helmet. Or, if you want, the helmets can also come with regular EPS foam.

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Triple 8 Skateboard Helmets

Triple 8 Brainsaver Skateboard Helmet
Triple 8
The Triple 8 Brainsaver skateboard helmet is a good quality helmet. They are built well, and have a good combination of though solid foam and lighter foam for extra comfort. In fact, the foam is anti bacterial, highly absorbent and very unique in skateboard helmets. Before you buy one, I would recommend trying one on at your local skateboard shop - but you should be happy with the fit. Triple 8 helmets have high customer satisfaction.

Triple 8 also has a 2009 Old School helmet designed for more aggressive skaters, with extra padding for the back of your head and removable ear flaps.

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S-One Skateboard Helmets

S-One Skateboard Helmets
S-One Skateboard Helmets
S-One makes both CPSC certified and non-certified helmets. Why non-certified? Because the non-certified can have softer foam and ride lower on your head, being more comfortable. My first skateboarding helmet was one of these non-certified S-Ones, and it's still my most comfortable helmet. Being non-certified doesn't mean it won't protect your head, but it does mean that the US government doesn't think it's strong enough. Still, for a picky skater who won't wear a helmet because it's not comfortable, S-Ones are your best bet. And for the rest of us, they should protect you enough.

The Damager is a great choice for a certified S-One helmet, recommended by Marc from Marc's Board Shop.

Viking Skateboard Helmets

Viking Skateboard Helmets
Viking Skateboard Helmets
Viking is a brand of skateboarding gear available from Rock On Distribution. The Viking skateboarding helmet is One Size Fits All, which should work for most people, but they also have a unique Youth size. Viking helmets aren't the most advanced skateboard helmets, but if you are looking for the best, cheapest helmet for skateboarding, then check out Viking.
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