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TSG Evolution Skateboarding Helmet Review

About.com Rating 4.5 Star Rating


TSG Evolution Skateboarding Helmet Review

TSG Evolution Skateboarding Helmet Review

Photo: TSG (RideTSG)

The Bottom Line

The TSG Evolution skateboarding helmet is, hands down, a great helmet for skateboarding. It wraps around your head just a little more than a lot of other skate helmets, adding just a touch more protection and comfort, and making the helmet look a little cooler. The TSG Evolution is available in a zillion colors and finishes, complies with CPSC safety regulations. TSG is one of the top names in protective skateboarding gear, and you can trust the TSG Evolution skateboarding helmet to keep your head working (at least as well as it was when you put he helmet on!).
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  • A huge amount of styles to pick from (thirty!)
  • Well built and safe to use
  • As helmets go, the TSG Evolution is very comfortable


  • It's still a helmet, so you're going to get sick of it on your head.
  • No pure X-Large sizes, for bigger-headed skaters (you know you're out there)


  • High impact ABS shell
  • EPS foam
  • 14 hole ventilation system
  • inside ventilation channels
  • pre-molded removable padding system
  • anatomically shaped chin buckle
  • weight: 459g
  • CE EN1078 and CPSC certified
  • Two sizes - S/M and L/XL (with adjustment pads)
  • Available in thirty different styles and colors

Guide Review - TSG Evolution Skateboarding Helmet Review

The three main areas to consider for a skateboarding helmet are protection (of course), comfort and style:

TSG Evolution Protection

The Evolution has a high impact abs shell, and is built using EPS foam. What does any of that mean? In short, it will protect you. The Evolution has been certified with the CPSC to provide the right amount of protection for anyone age 5 and older. But, this isn't just a kid's helmet - TSG protection gear is worn by the pros, and provides top-of-the-line brain protection. But, like with any helmet, once you take a hard hit to the head, you should consider replacing your TSG Evolution helmet. Just to be sure.

TSG Evolution Comfort

It's still a helmet, so you won't want to wear it to bed or anything, but the mix of pre-molded foam and pads on the inside are actually comfortable. Like a heavy hat. And the chin strap didn't cut into my neck or get all itchy, like usually happens. Plus, wide air vents keep the helmet cool enough. Unfortunately, the helmet only comes in two sizes, but with changeable pads to adjust.

TSG Evolution Style

You know you have to wear a helmet at the skate park, or because you have parents who don't want you losing brain cells on the pavement, but you don't want to look like a dork. Well, the TSG Evolution is still a helmet - but it does come in THIRTY DIFFERENT STYLES. And these aren't all just solid colors - you can get this helmet with stunt man patterns (you know, the blue stripes with the stars), a barbed wire pattern, a big Bones rat skull and crossbones style, blue flames, a burning skull, camouflage ... there's a huge pile of different styles to pick from. You should be able to find something that matches your own style pretty well.

The bottom line? The TSG Evolution skateboarding helmet is a great choice. I highly recommend it.

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