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How to Stay Sponsored as a Skateboarder


Adding Additional Sponsors

Being sponsored is like having a job in many ways and one of the most significant aspect is this; if you have a sponsor already, it’s easier to get another one! Before you even begin thinking of accepting another sponsorship, make sure you clear it with your primary sponsor though! Good secondary sponsors include clothing, shops, restaurants, beverage companies, shoes, audio, and safety gear and hardware companies. Most of these can be added to your Sponsorship list with little complication. If your sponsor does have issue with the additional sponsor, try to show respect to their wishes, they carried you this far. It’s not good to jump ship just to another sponsor. Companies will be less likely to trust you as a sponsored rider if you have spent the past year switching between 7 companies. Always show loyalty to your oldest sponsor unless you’ve got a very good reason.

What Next?

I don’t know, you tell me! Maybe you’ll start working on your own sponsorship package. Maybe being sponsored isn’t for you and you just appreciate what other people go through to get sponsored. Maybe you never thought about it for real, but have a company in mind. There are few things like the satisfaction of helping a company as a sponsored rider and I hope you can learn that. You can make differences no one else can make. You can advance the industry all in your own unique way. No matter what you took from this series I wish you the best of luck. See you on the streets!

This article follows The Responsibilities of Being Sponsored.

Malakai Kingston is an editor for Silverfish Longboarding, and was generous enough to share this article with us, so we could share it with you. Check out Silverfish for more from Malakai, and for in-depth longboarding wisdom.

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