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Jamie Thomas Pro Skateboarder Interview

"My parents moved to Florida, and I needed a way to get to school..."


Jamie Thomas Pro Skateboarder Interview

Jamie Thomas Pro Skateboarder Interview

Jamie Thomas Interview Photo: Jamie O'Clock
Updated March 08, 2006
Jamie Thomas is one of the most easily recognised pro skaters around. At Slam City Jam, I was able to talk to Jamie Thomas for a few minuets - I had heard that he had a quiet, and yet powerful personality. It was true - he's one of the more humble people I've talked to.

I started off by asking about his start in skateboarding. Jamie Thomas said, "My parents moved to Florida, from Alabama, and I needed a way to get to school." Jamie Thomas was born in 1974 in Dotham, Alabama. "I started skating when I was 11 years old." Jamie has been riding for Zero since 1996.

I also asked Jamie Thomas what some of his favorite tricks are. "My favorite tricks would be basics," Jamie explained. "I really like basckside smith grinds. I like the feelings of certain tricks, like every time you land it it makes you feel really good, no matter how many times you do it." With a smile he added, "Backside smith grinds are my favorite."

But everyone has at least one trick that haunts them - something that's hard to land no matter how much you seem to practice. "Oh, there’s a ton that are hard for me to land! It goes on and on …," Jame said. "Backside nose blunt is a trick that I’ve chased for a long time. I’m not very good at ‘em."

Jamie Thomas has been skating and competing for a long time now, and I was curious what it felt like to actually compete in something like Slam City Jam. "When I was younger I loved it," Jamie said. But now he's got a lot on his plate, with running several skateboarding companies, having a family, and everything else he does. "Contests are just something that’s kind of like a bonus, you know? I’ve never really made my career off contests – I’ve really worked hard on video parts and that really helped establish myself ... Skating, doing interviews, doing demos, traveling, meeting kids, and promoting my sponsors."

Jamie Thomas has dedicated his life to what he loves - skateboarding. He's heavily involved with his teams, working personally on videos, filming and editing, and perfecting his own skating. Jamie Thomas has a wife and son who he spends time with as much as possible, nd is currently working on filming for the new Fallen video.

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