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Jake Brown Bio


Jake Brown Profile

Jake Brown Profile

Eric Lars Bakke / ESPN Images

Jake Brown Basic Bio Information:

  • Name: Jake Brown
  • Gender: Male
  • Hometown: Sydney, Australia
  • Date of Birth: September 6, 1974
  • Family: married to April Brown
  • Occupation: Pro Skateboarder
  • Started Skating: 1987
  • Started Competing: 1996
  • Turned Pro: 1997
  • Favored Discipline: Vert
  • #1 Sponsor: Blind
  • Stance: Regular

Jake Brown Skateboarding Style and Strengths:

Jake Brown has some of the hardest vert skateboarding tricks dialed in, like 720s and his double kickflip mute. However, in competitions, Jake Brown tends to go for the biggest tricks, which often backfires if he doesn't land them. But skating conservatively is not Jake Brown's style, and his mastery of technical and flip tricks lead him to his first X Games gold finally in 2006. Jake Brown is known for being soft spoken about his incredible skating, and for his sly sense of humor (ESPN).

Jake Brown Favorite / Signature Skateboarding Tricks:

Jake says he likes the tailgrab 540 and backside airs, and grinds.

Jake Brown Skateboarding Career Highlights:

2004 - First in Vert at LG Action Sports Tour, Beijing, China
2005 - First in Vert Best Trick at Globe World Cup, Australia
2005 - Second in Vert at LG Action Sports Tour, Paris, France
2005 - Won "Best Vert Skater" from TransWorld Skateboard Magazine
2006 - Won silver in big air at X Games
2007 - Won silver at X Games in Big Air, where he also fell 50 feet and walked away from it!

Jake Brown Personal History:

Jake Brown's parents divorced when he was young, and he lived with his mom, riding horses and going to dog shows. In his early teens, Jake Brown gave up soccer for skateboarding, and eventually moved from Sydney to Melbourne to be able to skate more. In 1996, Jake Brown competed in his first pro event, the Slam City Jam, and in 1997, he moved to California. Jake Brown now lives in Carlsbad with his wife April, who works at a Biotech firm.

Jake Brown Interesting Fact:

Jake Brown had a famous crash in the 2007 X Games Big Air competition. Jake Brown was leading as he went into his last run. He landed a huge 720 jump over the gap, but as he went up off the quarter pipe at the end of the Mega Ramp, he lost control of his skateboard and fell, running in air, 50 feet. Jake Brown fell hard, the crowd was shocked, but Brown got up and walked away from the fall! He still won a silver medal for his previous run - his first X Games medal!
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