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Colin McKay Profile


Colin McKay Interview at Slam City Jam 2005

Colin McKay Interview

Colin McKay Photo Credit: Jamie O'Clock

Colin McKay Basic Bio Information:

  • Name: Colin McKay
  • Gender: Male
  • Hometown: Vancouver, BC Canada
  • Date of Birth: August 29, 1975
  • Family: Single
  • Occupation: Pro Skater, Co-Owner of RDS Skate Supply / Center Distribution
  • Began Skating: 1986
  • Began Competing: 1987
  • Turned Pro: 1992
  • Favored Discipline: Vert
  • Stance: Goofy
  • #1 Sponsor: DC Shoes

Colin McKay Skateboarding Style and Strengths:

Colin focuses on inventing and pulling off complicated technical combinations that no one has ever seen before. This "best trick" style makes his skateboarding perfect for skateboarding videos, and he's starred in several huge ones (the DC Video, Yeah Right!, the Red Dragon video, and more).

Colin McKay Favorite / Signature Skateboarding Tricks:

"I like backside tail slides - the simple tricks, not the difficult ones. The simple tricks that I can do well. Like backside tailslides, backside ollies, stuff like that."

Colin McKay Skateboarding Career Highlights:

1995 - won Slam City Jam
1997 - won Slam City Jam
1999 - Colin McKay action figure came out
1999 - won silver in X Games (Vert Best Trick)
2000 - won silver in X Games (Vert Best Trick)
2003 - appeared in the movie Grind 2005 - Colin McKay and Danny Way resurrected Plan B Skateboards

Colin McKay Personal History:

Colin McKay grew up in the skateboarding mecca of Vancouver, BC Canada. He started skating at the age of 10, but says he had to work to get good at it. In 1986 he saw Tony Hawk at the Vancouver Expo, and Colin began to think about becoming a pro skater. From 2001 to 2004, Colin has 8 serious shoulder surgeries, but still kept skating professionally. Now, he and long time friend Danny Way are building homes and a skateboarding compound on Kauai, for filming, skating, and enjoying life.

Colin McKay Interesting Fact:

Colin McKay has a little minpin dog named Reggie, who goes with him everywhere (you see Reggie in the DC video, during the part with Danny Way practicing on the DC ramps).

Colin McKay Quote:

On what he loves about skateboarding: "I love the feeling, the sensation that it gives me especially like landing a trick, riding away, there's no better feeling." (read more in the Colin McKay Interview)
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