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Jean Postec Pro Skater Profile


Jean Postec at the Dew Action Sports Tour

Jean Postec Profile

Photo: Jamie O'Clock

Jean Postec Biographical Information:

  • Name: Jean Postec
  • Gender: Male
  • Hometown: Annecy, France
  • Date of Birth: January 29th, 1985
  • Began Skating: 1995
  • Turned Pro: 2003
  • Favored Discipline: Vert
  • #1 Sponsors: Monster, Right Guard, Tracker Trucks, Birdhouse

Jean Postec Skateboarding Style and Strengths:

Jean Postec approaches skateboarding with a deep love and passion, combined with a strong awareness of what he is doing. He doesn't just throw himself at the ramp and hope for the best - Jean Postec knows what he is doing, and does it well.

Jean Postec Favorite / Signature Skateboarding Tricks:

Jean Postec really likes the 720.

Jean Postec Career Highlights:

2001 - took 7th in vert at European X Games
2002 - won 6th in vert at European X Games
2004 - won 2nd at the FISE in Montpellier, France
2006 - won 6th in vert at the Denver stop of the Dew Tour
2006 - won 3rd in vert at the LG Action Sports World Tour in Paris, France
2006 - won 3rd in vert at the Portland stop of the Dew tour
2006 - won 5th in vert in the overall Dew Tour standings

Jean Postec Personal History:

Jean Postec was born in France. When he was 9 years old, Jean Postec was watching The Simpsons, and saw Bart Simpson riding his green skateboard in the opening to the show. That's what inspired him. He says he had a hard time learning how to skate without magazines and good ramps, but he slowly started to meet more people and get better and better. At 14 years old he started taking trips to Canada to skate with Pierre-Luc Gagnon and Max Dufour every summer, and at 16 he started taking trips to San Diego. He now lives in San Diego, and skates 5 days a week, taking the weekend off to surf. (thanks Kingpin)

Jean Postec Interesting Fact:

Jean Postec did gymnastics when he was younger, and credits a lot of his skateboarding skill and fast progression to being good at gymnastics.

More Jean Postec:

Read more about Jean Postec in the Jean Postec Interview, and check out pictures of Jean in the Dew Action Sports Tour Photo Gallery.
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