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Practice Gear

Practice skateboarding gear reviews - reviews of training gear for skateboards and skateboarders. Exercise and practice equipment reviews for skateboarding.

SkaterTrainers Review
SkaterTrainers are a simple, and sort of obvious skateboarding learning tool. I say obvious because I don't get why no one thought of them before now! They're brilliant, easy to use, and every new skater should get a pair! Read this review to get a better idea of what SkaterTrainers are, and to see if getting a set is right for you.

Wheelbone Review
The Wheelbone is a rubbery strap that hooks onto your skateboard, looping over it's wheels and holding them in place. This lets you practice ollying, and other tricks, without worrying about your wheels rolling and slipping. There is a danger in using it too much, but as long as you use it wisely, the Wheelbone is a brilliant idea that should help most skaters learn to ollie faster, higher and more safely. Read about the Wheelbone!

Holoholo balance board trainer
Holoholo boards are skateboarding balance trainers, designed to help surfers, skaters, snowboarders, wakeboarders, and any one else who wants to develop better balance. Set the Holoholo balance board roller on the floor, and then set the Holoholo balance board across it. Then, you step up onto the board, and try to maintain your balance while the board wants to slide and roll side to side. It's tough, fun, and a great way to build those muscles that help you maintain balance.

Softrucks Practice Trucks Review
"Learn Faster, Ollie Higher, Get Good" - Softrucks are rubber practice trucks that attack to any skate deck, so you can practice technical tricks anywhere, without rolling. A great way to practice all year round.

Ollieboard and Ollieblocks Review
Ollieblocks are hard plastic rounded devices that attach to a skateboard deck and let you practice ollies, kickflips, and other tricks without rolling. The Ollieboard is a complete board with Ollieblocks already attached - this way, you don't need to buy a separate board, or use an old ratty skateboard. Either way, Ollieblocks and the Ollieboard allow skaters to practice all year round, rain or shine, indoors or out. Read this review for more on Ollieblocks and Ollieboards, from Flowlab.

Indo Board Original Balance Trainer
The original Indo Board is the perfect all around balance trainer for any sport where balance would be key. Read the review to learn more about the Original Indo Board, as well as links to two other specialty balance boards by Indo.

Indo Board Mini Kicktail Balance Trainer
The Indo Mini Kicktail is the Indo Board's dangerous little punk bro. It's small, light, and extremely easy to get hurt with. The Mini Kicktail is for serious, advanced riders only - it's covered in warnings crying, "Use at your own risk!" With all that warning, you just know it's gotta be fun, right?

Indo Board Kicktail Balance Trainer
Indo Boards are balance trainers that use a board and a roller to simulate the conditions of surfing, skateboarding, wakeboarding - all types of board sports. The Kicktail is a long board with turned up tips - much longer than the Original Indo, and also without the safety catches on the bottom. Made especially for skateboarding, the Indo Kicktail has a lot to offer. Read the review for more.

Indo Boards Full Review
Indo Boards are the perfect all around balance trainers for any sport where balance would be key, such as surfing, skateboarding, wakeboarding - in fact, any athlete would benefit greatly from Indoing! The learning curve is quick, and Indoboards can be used by beginners to pros - there's always room to improve. There's various styles available for most boardsport needs.

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