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Speedbone Longboard Review

Speedbone, by Wefunk


Speedbone longboard

Speedbone longboard

There is absolutely nothing that is common about the Speedbone, or any Wefunk board for that matter. These boards are created by hand, by without argue one of the greatest board designers of all time, and to date they are also some of the rarest. This is the Bugatti Veyron of longboards, beyond that of all skateboards. Hand crafted each and every one is matched to its riders shoe size, weight, height, and ride preference.
The Wefunk line as with most companies extends through all disciplines however the Speedbone stands alone as the premiere speed board of the line. At 450$ just for the board alone, you better have some cash on hand and the skills of a detective, last time the designer was seen he was making the body panels for Toyota’s F1 Team. If you can manage to get your hands on one you will quickly realize this is no toy, the Speedbone is a high performance board meant for very discerning and serious riders.
This board is a step above everything in the market, the deck itself is lighter than belief and built to suit it will have exactly the amount of gas pedal concave that the rider desires. Truck mounts are built for custom designed CNC cut base plates for zero slide in the truck mount box. The lower position of the board gives amazingly surgical accuracy in turns and the construction gives near zero torsional flex. The parts list reads like something you would strap on a motorcycle or a tuner, linear style concave tops a construction that includes multiple layers of UD carbon and UD fiberglass a combination of +- 45° layered fiberglass, +- 30° layered fiberglass, 0/90° fiberglass weave, ash-veneer, baltic birch and a core made of Airex R63.5 foam all of this is Vacuum laminated and heat cured. Even if you don’t understand what that all does for the board, all you need to know is this the bonecore of the Speedbone makes it very light, durable and shock-absorbing / vibration-dampening with an exceptional torsion stiffness for a most precise ride. To top it all off the Speedbone is a board of unsurpassing design visually, the deck rails are razor clean, the finish on the belly is finished to a mirror shine and every deck is signed and numbered by the designer. The Wefunk Speedbone is top of the line.
The design elements brought to the table by this boards design changed the top level of the skateboard market forever. The building techniques and materials used are now being utilized by a number of different companies. If they owe it to Wefunk or not doesn’t matter, the point is that no board, no designer has topped the Wefunk Design method. Its emergence was the beginning of the board market made purely with consideration of quality and performance over price point. The Speedbone stands alone as a board made for uncompromising riders, by hand, one at a time. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on a Wefunk board hold on to it. You can get other foam core boards on the market but hands down nothing can duplicate the aesthetic beauty and genuine technical advancement of the Wefunk Speedbone.

The Speedbone is in the top 10 Longboards Ever list.

Malakai Kingston is the mad genius behind the Silverfish Longboarding website, and has been sharing his expertise on longboarding and skateboarding for a long time.

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