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DC Atlas Skate Shoes

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DC Dyrdek skate shoes

The Bottom Line

The Atlas is Rob Dyrdek's next pro model after the Ten. The Atlas fuses elements of a running shoe and skate shoe, with lightweight materials for the upper of the shoe, and high tech features for the sole. It's a great multi-purpose shoe perfect for the more casual skater who wants one pair of good looking shoes to wear all the time.


  • Light - these shoes are made from lightweight suedes and leathers. The sole is the heaviest part
  • Multifunctional - running style skate shoe, good for both
  • Style - Dyrdek has a good sense of color and design. These shoes look good.


  • For advanced or agressive skaters, you might want to try a more hardline skateboarding only shoe
  • The tread wears down fast. That means it's doing it's job, but for some, this might be a problem


  • Rob Dyrdek signature pro model
  • Soft and tough action suede or leather upper
  • Lightweight skate shoe
  • Light tongue, medium padding with stabilizing straps
  • Perforated side panels to allow foot to breathe, metal eyelets on inside panels for more ventilation
  • Soft tricot lining
  • DGT rubber bottom for greater board control and strength
  • DC pill-patterned tread provides great traction for skating as well as running
  • All feature a raised rubber DC logo on the side in a contrasting color
  • Available in three color styles - black and gray, black, white and gray, or white

Guide Review - DC Atlas Skate Shoes

The Atlas has plenty of features. It's got a medium padded tongue, nice puffy heel collar, tongue straps to hold your foot in, lightweight mixed material upper (mostly suede and action leather) with a suede toe cap to improve feel.

The tread features DGT - Dynamic Grip Technology. This stuff is great. The tread is made of rubber of three different durometers. You know how skate wheels come in different amounts of softness and hardness? The tread of these shoes is similar, with the harder rubber at the back under the heel, and the softer in the front under the ball of your foot. This means that when you drag your heel to stop, or slam your heel into the pavement, your tread won't wear down too fast. But, up at the front of the shoe where you want softer rubber for more grip (for flip tricks, to catch the board...), the tread is softer. The middle of the foot is of medium hardness, to provide just the right amount of traction. That's what DGT is all about.

The Atlas features DGT, but the softer section of rubber, towards the toes, covers well over half the bottom of the shoe! And the tread itself is a large pill pattern that provides what's needed both for skating and for running. These design features push the shoe from hardcore skate shoe into the perfect hybrid shoe for a semi-casual skater who might not be slamming the pavement too hard, and who also wants to look good. These shoes are light weight, stylish skate shoes that give you everything you need.

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