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Should I Skateboard in the Rain?


NEW YORK - JULY 27: A teenager attempts to use his skateboard to keep dry during an afternoon thunderstorm on July 27, 2009 in New York, New York. During severe weather yesterday, lightning injured four men, one critically, during a strike in Newark.
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Question: Should I Skateboard in the Rain?
Should you skateboard in the rain? Should you go out skateboarding when it's wet out?
Answer: Skating in the rain is not a good idea. The wood of your deck will want to soak up water and warp, and the bearings won't like being wet. So basically no.

However, sometimes you might just need to. I lived in Seattle for seven years, and up there you don't get much choice! But the rain wasn't too hard - and you jsut had to be careful. So here are some ideas for if you skate in the rain:

  • Avoid puddles - this might be obvious, but on the other hand something deep inside your brain might yell, "SKATE THROUGH THAT!" It's a terrible idea!
  • Avoid heavy rain. If you can.
  • Dry off your board when you are done. And I mean dry it off carefully and completely - get some towels and maybe even a hair dryer! Don't just walk in your house and leave your wet skateboard dripping in the corner.
So if you MUST skate in the rain, these are some ideas. You should also be careful - if you aren't used to skating when the ground is wet, don't try anything too fancy until you are used to it. The water will be slippery, and you can get hurt easily.
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