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Should I Ever Change my Skateboarding Stance?


Should I Ever Change my Skateboarding Stance?

Should I Ever Change my Skateboarding Stance?

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Question: Should I Ever Change my Skateboarding Stance?
Sometimes I get emails from skaters who skate one way, but wish they skated the opposite stance. One reader even had the problem where he skates one way, but then ends up not being able to do regular ollies, but instead ends up nollying, or doing the trick fakie, and he's sick of it!

So, should a skater ever change his or her stance?

Answer: Changing your skateboarding stance IS possible, but just to warn you, most guys I've talked to who have changed their stance, have had a rough time with it. But it CAN be done!

Here's the trick, though - skateboarding only looks the way it does, with people skating regular or goofy and doing tricks that match, because that's the way most people feel comfortable doing it. If you gave a skateboard to someone who had never seen skating before, who knows what they would end up doing with it? Do you get what I mean? You can work really hard at changing things like your stance, or other parts of how you skate, OR you can lean into those differences and use them to make your own skating even more unique. I recommend taking this route, but of course, you don't need to take my advice at all! If you want to change your stance, go for it!

If you DO try to stick with your stance, here's some tips:

Make sure you play to your strengths - when you pull off some fakie/switch tricks, people will be impressed! Most skaters have a hard time with it.

You're also going to need to be really aware of how you skate, because all of the instructions you read online are going to refer to doing tricks differently than you'll probably end up doing them... That'll suck, but you can do it!

Otherwise, I'd say to make sure to keep relaxed and cool with the whole experience. I mean, I can imagine this might get frustrating, but remember to keep skating fun and relaxed, or you might end up getting sick of it and quitting, or getting hurt from pushing yourself too far. Or, breaking your hand when you punch a wall. Every skater has different problems that come up, and it's dealing with these that helps you progress. You'd be surprised at how some pros who win contests and look amazing in videos will tell you that some little "easy" trick is still tough for them. I've talked to a lot of pros, and I hear that a lot! For me, I still suck at dropping in. I shouldn't! I've had TONS of time to practice, and I think I should be fine with it, but for some reason, I just suck at it. And that's just the first problem!

So I guess that would be my main piece of advice - stay relaxed, and make sure you're always having fun. Even when you are frustrated, it's possible to be frustrated and pushing yourself AND having fun! Try to live at that point, and you'll progress just fine.

And if a certain trick is just killing you, then give it a rest and try something totally unrelated. Like, say you're having a hard time kickflipping. You try and try, and just can't land it. Well, go try manuals, or slides, or ride a bowl for a bit. Or just ride around your neighborhood! This is something a lot of skaters don't seem to get - all skating is related, so if you are having a hard time learning to do something, then do something different, and as you relax and get better at the second thing, you'll also be gaining balance, confidence and skill to do the first thing!

But let me end with, as always, you can do this your own way. If you would rather put in the hard work of retraining yourself for another stance, then that's OK! Just make sure that you are always enjoying skating, and stick with it!

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