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How Do I Kickflip Higher?


How to Kickflip Higher

How to Kickflip Higher

Jamie O'Clock
Question: How Do I Kickflip Higher?
How do you get your kickflips higher? Looking for some instructions and tips on how to get higher kickflips? Or, maybe your kickflips are so low you can't even complete the tricks. A lot of skaters struggle with this - you practice and practice, but your kickflips stay low. What should you do?
Answer: The truth is, kickflips are tough! But, with practice, you should be able to get them consistently up to a good height. Here are some things to look at:

Learn Good Form

Have you read through our Step by Step Kickflip Instructions? Have you watched the How to Kiclflip Video? I'm guessing you have, but just in case, take a look and study up.

Stronger Pop

You NEED to have a good strong pop off the back foot. This is one of the most common problems with low kickflips. You can get so focused on making sure that you get the flick in, that you might not be popping the board as hard and as high as you should. Slap it! Slap it hard! Get a good, strong high pop in.

How high can you ollie? You probably won't be able to kickflip higher than you ollie. If your ollies aren't very high, then take some tome to practice getting them higher. Get a good strong pop, and pull your feet up to your chest. Here are some more instructions on ollying higher.

Pull Those Legs UP

I just mentioned this above, with your ollies, but you need to pull those knees and feet UP! Pull them UP! I can't stress this enough. Very likely, if you are struggling with low kickflips, the problem is either weak pop or not pulling your feet up. Or both. Just like when you ollie, when you do ANY technical trick involving a pop, if you want to get higher, you need to pull your feet UP.

Foot Placement

If weak popping or lazy feet aren't your problem, then you might have a problem with where your feet are placed on the board. It's amazing how just scooting your feet an inch one way or the other on your skateboard's tail can make a huge difference. Make sure your feet are placed right. Put your back foot flat across the tail of your skateboard, and put the ball of your front foot right behind your front trucks. If you think you are already doing this, then try scooting your back foot a little closer to the edge of the tail, and try tweaking your front foot's angle a little. Try shuffling these foot positions around a little, and see if that helps.


The last thing to do might be the most frustrating. You need to practice. If you've been practicing for a year or so, then this isn't your problem - you have one of the issues above, or maybe you've discovered a new one! Write me and ask for help, or ask your friends. But if you've been trying for higher kickflips for just a couple of months or just a couple of days, then you probably need to practice more. It takes work!

The important thing though, is how to practice. If you can kickflip, but just not as high as you would like, then practice your ollies, and tweak your foot placement a little to see if it can make a difference. Keep at it, but keep trying other tricks too. It all works together. As you get better at heelflips, you get better at kickflips, too. As you get better at just skating around, and being confident, that improves every other thing you do on your board, too. It all works together. So please do NOT only practice kickflips. Give it a rest if you want, and come back to it after learning to manual, or to pop shuvit, or to drop in.

I hope this FAQ on getting higher kickflips has helped you out. Get out there and try some of these things. If they don't work for you, then shoot me an e-mail, or drop by the skateboard forum and ask for help there. Most importantly, relax and have fun!

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