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As a Skater, How Should I Dress?


Germany, Schleswig Holstein, Teenage boy jumping with skateboard
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Question: As a Skater, How Should I Dress?
A lot of young skaters ask how they should dress, to dress like a skateboarder. It's a good question, but a tough one to answer...
Answer: Everything in me wants to tell you to simply dress like whatever you want to. If you skate, then however you dress is how a skater dresses!

But I know that fitting in is important, especially when you are young. And, skaters do have a certain style that's pretty cool. So here are some tips that I'll give, if a little grudgingly, on how to dress like a skater:

Skater style is a little confusing beyond just buying skateboard brand clothes. A lot of skaters wear super-tight jeans. Others wear baggy jeans. T-shirts are popular with skaters, and sometimes rough or ragged looking clothes are popular.

The easiest thing to do is to buy skater brands. There's a good chance you already have some in mind, but just in case here's a list of skateboard brands you can look at. You can also just go down to your own local skateboard shop and see what they have there.

I would recommend NOT going to a mall chain store like Zumiez. They might have some good skateboard clothes, but these stores are terrible for skateboarding, and they don't just sell skateboard gear. So, you could end up buying a BMX shirt by mistake, for example. But more than that, chain stores like Zumiez don't support local skateboarding, or skateboarding at all really. If you can, you should try and shop at a locally owned skate shop for your skateboarder clothes.

So, other than buying skater branded clothes, you can easily mix and match from clothes you might buy elsewhere. Skater style is always changing, and you really should try and put some of your own twist on what you wear!

The other thing you can do is buy good skate shoes. This is one place where you don't want to be too cheap. Skaters know which brands are good, and which aren't. So if you are trying to fit in as a skater, don't buy garbage skate shoes! Check out this list of The best skateboard shoes, and get some ideas from there.

There are a few other things you can do, like letting your hair grow out long (that seems to be popular right now. When I was young, skaters shaved their heads where I lived!). You can also knot your shoe laces so that you don't need to tie them. But all of these are just extra little things to do - the above advice should be enough to start with.

Let me finish by saying that if you want do dress a certain way that's different from any of this, then please do it! I know fitting in is important, but certainly you should discover your own style and dress like you want to! Do you want to wear American Eagle and skate? Then do it! Want to wear a tuxedo? A speedo? Well, please don't do that ... that's just gross ... but if you REALLY want to, then DO IT! But until you get a better idea of what style you really like, then I hope this will help you to fit in a little more. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me!

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