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Skateboard FAQ

Answers to frequently asked skateboarding questions, from skateboarding tricks, to lifestyle to any other common skateboarder questions. Most of these are answers to reader e-mails, and hopefully they can help you with any questions you might have!

New Skater Walking Into a Skate Shop
Recently my friends got me to try skating. I love it so far, but I barely know anything about skating. So my question is should I be embarrassed to ask my local skate shop for info? Like skateboard parts, how to assemble, tips, tricks etc? I am nervous that people will think i am a poser when I'm just a beginner. And also how was your experience with skate shops or people when you were a beginner?

How to Get Off the Skateboarding Plateau
It sounds like you've hit a bit of a plateau with skating. That means that you've gotten better, but sort of leveled off at that point. That happens to most athletes, and usually often (like from time to time). Read more to find out how to break through the cycle and get off the plateau.

Ollie Help - Need Help with your Skateboard Ollie?
Ollie Help - Need Help with your Skateboard Ollie? Most skaters need help learning how to ollie. The Ollie is THE fundamental skateboarding trick, but it is also one of the hardest! There are so many things that can go wrong... Well, I'm here to help!

Do I HAVE to Skate at Skateparks to Be a Skater?
I received this email from a reader - "I'm a thirteen year old girl and I picked up skateboarding a few months ago. I don't really think I'm going to get far if I don't ever go to a skatepark. Well, there is a problem with that. I am deathly afraid of skateparks. I am deathly afraid of people. Do you really have to go to a skatepark? I mean it...

Top 10 Questions of Parents of Skateboarders
Being the parent of a skateboarder, you can come up with a lot of questions. I've collected here some of the best and most common questions for skateboarder parents, with some good info and tips to help you and your son or daughter. If you don't find the answer you're looking for here, please e-mail me and let me know!

Why Do New Skate Shoes Make Tricks Harder?
Why Do New Skate Shoes Make Tricks Harder?

What do you do if there's noplace to skate?
What do you do if there's noplace to skate?

Where do I get help with my skateboarding tricks?
A reader named Amjad wrote in about his troubles with Ollying. When tries to Ollie, he loses the board, and he's tried everything... I hear problems like this a lot, and it's just flat out tough to help through email with something like this, and I figure there are probably a lot of skaters out there having trouble, and they just don't know...

What's the Best Place to Buy Skateboards, Skateboard Parts and Equipment?
Where's the best place to buy skateboards, skateboarding parts and skateboard equipment? I get asked this question all the time, and t's abut time I put together a good answer! I've got three options for you, in answer to the question, where to buy skateboards, skateboard parts and skateboarding equipment.

Should I Ever Change my Skateboarding Stance?
Changing your skateboarding stance IS possible, but just to warn you, most guys I've talked to who have changed their stance, have had a rough time with it. But it CAN be done! Sometimes I get emails from skaters who skate one way, but wish they skated the opposite stance. One reader even had the problem where he skates one way, but then ends...

How to Get Back Into Skateboarding
How to get back into skateboarding is a question that comes up a lot. A reader wrote to me and explained that every couple of years he tries, but he just doesn't know how to get back into skateboarding. He doesn't stick with it. So what do you do, if you're trying to get back into skateboarding? Read this skateboarding FAQ for insight,...

Ollie Problems
A reader with ollie problems wrote in and asked, "Whatever I do, I cannot ollie. I do what people say, and I try really hard,but I can't even ollie one centimeter into the air. Can you give me any tips?" Ollie propblems are extremely common for new skaters. Skateboarding is kind of cruel this way - the ollie is probably the most important...

Can Skaters Ollie Without Touching Their Tails to the Ground?
A reader asks, "I was at our local sk8 park today and I saw this one guy doing some good ollies but when he popped his tail it did not hit the ground like most sk8ers do. I have also seen this type of ollie before. Have you seen anything like it?. Does it have to do with the front foot slide maybe?"

Does Cold Weather Make Skateboards Break Easily?
A skater named Matt wrote in, "I usually go through a deck every 6 to seven months. But recently within 2 months I've already snapped 2 decks and my third is already cracking. This has all happened since October and here in Korea it gets really cold. Does cold weather affect your skateboard, does it make your board snap easily?" Does the cold make your skateboard more likely to break?

Should I Skateboard in the Rain?
Should I Skateboard in the Rain? Skating in the rain is not a good idea. The wood of your deck will want to soak up water and warp, and the bearings won't like being wet. So basically no. However, sometimes you might just need to. Here are some things to do if you must skateboard in the rain!

What do extra numbers like K13 or K12 mean on skateboard deck sizes?
A lot of online skate shops will simply show you a picture of a board, with the width, and then some random other numbers. When you see something like this 143-k13, what does it mean? Well, the first thing it means is that you are looking at a Skate One board (Skate One makes Powell, Powell Peralta, Surf One, MiniLogo, Golden Dragon and Positiv boards). This is their method for telling you the…

As a Skater, How Should I Dress?
As a Skater, How Should I Dress? How Should Skateboarders Dress? A lot of young skaters ask how they should dress, to dress like a skateboarder. It's a good question, but a tough one to answer... Skater style is a little confusing beyond just buying skateboard brand clothes. A lot of skaters wear super-tight jeans. Others wear baggy jeans. T-shirts are popular with skaters, and sometimes rough or ragged looking clothes are popular...

How Do I Keep my Skateboard from Breaking?
How do you keep your board from breaking? How do you jump large gaps without breaking your skateboard? How do pros frontside flip 16 stairs and land without breaking their boards? As a reader named Brendan wrote and asked me, "How do they manage to keep their boards from breaking under supernatural heights?"

How Do I Find a Good Skatespot?
We're always looking for new places to skate. Skateparks are the obvious answer, but they can get old, or crowded, or have too many restrictions. Finding your own skateboarding spot is fun, and changing things up will help you develop more as a skater! But how do you find new spots to skate at? Here are some tips for finding a good skate spot.

Do I Need to Wear a Skateboard Helmet?
Skateboard Helmets - Do I need to Wear a Skateboard Helmet? This question is asked by skaters and parents alike - do skaters really need to wear helmets when skateboarding? The simple answer is no, you don't NEED to unless you are skating somewhere that requires one, or your parents force you to wear a helmet. But here's the truth - you ARE going to crash ... read more about wearing skateboard helmets!

My parents wont let me skateboard - what should I do?
What should you do when your parents make up crazy rules about skateboarding? Or when they won't allow you to skate at all? It can hurt a lot when your parents don't support you doing something you love. It can feel like they don't care about you, or don't love you. But let me start off by telling you that that's not usually the case. Read more about what to do if your parents have rules against skateboarding.

How to Act at Skateparks - Skatepark Rules of Conduct and Etiquitte
How should people act at skateparks? Skateparks might be designed as places to play, but they can be intimidating to skate in. New skaters usually don’t know what to do or how to act at the skatepark. How should you act at skateparks? What should you look out for? What’s the code of conduct for skateparks?

ABEC Bearings Ratings - What does ABEC mean for Skateboard Bearings?
ABEC Bearings Ratings - What does ABEC mean for Skateboard Bearings? ABEC stands for Annular Bearing Engineers' Committee, and is the American method for rating the accuracy and tolerance rating of bearings. ABEC standards are set by the American Bearing Manufacturers Association (ABMA). So what does that mean? Well, bearings are used for all kinds of things, not just skateboard wheels. The higher an ABEC rating, the more accurate and precise the bearing is.

How Do I Kickflip Higher?
How do you get your kickflips higher? Looking for some instructions and tips on how to get higher kickflips? Or, maybe your kickflips are so low you can't even complete the tricks. A lot of skaters struggle with this - you practice and practice, but your kickflips stay low. What should you do? Read this skatebard trick FAQ to find out the answer!

What should I do when injured skateboarding?
What should I do when injured skateboarding? Getting injured skateboarding is normal. Skateboarding is dangerous, and there's really no way to stay totally safe. So, what should you do after getting injured?

Are Your Skate Shoes "Good"? - What Makes Good Skateboard Shoes
Having a strong opinion about skate shoes is a skater's God given right. But how do you know which skater shoes are good, and which ones are garbage? There are several ways to help decide which skate shoes are good and which should be tossed into the nearest wood chipper. Read how to tell if your skate shoes are good or not!

Are breaking skateboards and tearing shoes normal?
Skateboarders tend to break a lot of stuff. Skateboards tend to be at the top of the list, skateboard shoes get blown out and ripped up, pants get ripped... parents can often wonder if this is normal! After all, if you're the ones paying for all of this, you probably want to make sure your skater isn't just being too rough, and isn't being foolish. So, is it normal to need to buy skateboard shoes every few months? Is it normal to break a skateboard every month?

Does my skateboarder child really need all of this equipment?
Does my skateboarder child really need all of this equipment? - Does my kid really need all of this stuff (skate shoes, helmet, expensive skateboard and pads) in order to skate? I get questions like this from parents who are concerned that they really don't need to be spending all of this money. Making sure that you aren't wasting money is smart - here's some things to help you think about this.

What should heavy skaters do, to not break so many skateboards?
What should heavy skaters do, to not break so many skateboards? Tough, strong skateboard options, and how to not break skateboards. Some skaters are heavier than others - a little overweight, or taller, or just more solidly built. Often, being heavier means you will snap board boards, even if you are careful. What should a heavier skater do?...

What size of skateboard is good for kids?
What size of skateboard is good for kids? The mom of a 4 year old skater writes, "I'm wondering if there is a size difference between kid & adult skateboards?" She doesn't mind paying the extra price for a full size board, but is that a good idea? What's the best size of skateboard to buy for your son or daughter? Read this Skateboarding FAQ for the answer!

What should I do to help my kid become a pro skateboarder?
What should I do to help my kid become a pro skateboarder? This is a great question, answered here in the Skateboarding FAQ. What should you do to help further your kid's skateboarding ability? Where should you start now if you want a pro skateboarding career in the future? Becoming a pro skater, and having a career as a pro skateboarder, is more and more a legitimate life option! Read this article to see what to do for you son or daughter who wants to become a professional skateboarder.

Who Invented Skateboards?
Who Invented Skateboards? - Skateboarding FAQ - Who Invented the Skateboard?

How Do I Fall Safely Skateboarding?

Girls Visiting Skate Shops - What Should new Skater Girls Do?

Why is it better to shop at skateboard shops?

I feel uncomfortable as a girl skater - what should I do?

How do you use Shoe Goo to repair skate shoes?

What should you do about torn shoe laces?
If you are like me, then you go through a lot of shoe laces in your skate shoes. It's frustrating, and even though some skate shoes have little guards to help protect your laces, there's just no good way to protect them. So, what should you do about frayed and broken shoe laces in your skate shoes?

Is skateboarding a bad influence?

Am I too old to learn to skate?

I'm Scared of Getting Hurt While Skateboarding - What Should I Do?

What Makes a Pro Skateboarder a Pro?

How Do I Store a Skateboard, or Skateboard Decks?

Which Brand of Skateboard Deck Should I Buy?

How to Find Amateur Skateboarding Competitions?

How Do I Contact Pro Skateboarders?

Skateboard Practice on Grass - Should I? What About Bad Habits?

Is it OK to Push With my Front Foot (Mongo)?

Is Blank Skateboard Gear Any Good?

How Do I Keep From Turning When Ollying?

Why is Naming Skateboarding Tricks So Confusing?

How to fix bad skateboarding habits

What should big or tall skaters do when learning to skateboard?
What should big or tall skaters do when learning to skateboard? Im a big guy for skating , 6' 2", and I have size 12 feet. I haven't met any skaters as tall as me. I know that Tony Hawk and Andrew Reynolds are big guys, so its no excuse. I was wondering if a bigger skater should approach skating differently? I get this question a lot,...

Are Cheap Skateboards OK to Buy and Ride?

Should I Skateboard Goofy or Regular Footed?

Chickenfoot Help - How do I Land with Both Feet?

How to Land Kickflips? The Skateboard Won't Spin, Or Flies Out

Which Skateboard Should I Buy?

How Do I Start Skateboarding?

How Do I Ollie Higher?

How Wide Should My Trucks Be?

Should I Wear Pads When Skateboarding?

What Are The Basic Skateboarding Tricks?

What Are the Different Kinds of Skateboarding?

Do I Need Skate Shoes to Skateboard?

What Skateboarding Can I Do When It's Cold, Wet, Raining, Snowy and Winter?

Is There A Difference Between Skateboarding With My Nose or Tail Forward?

How do I ollie while rolling or moving?

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