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Longboarding - How to Longboard Skateboarding Instructions


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Longboarding Instructions - Basic Just Starting Out
Longboarding - How to Longboard Skateboarding Instructions
Longboarding is the term used for skateboarding with boards larger than the usual short board trick-oriented skateboards that you see in skateboarding competitions. Longboarding is closer to sidewalk surfing. A lot of longboarders use their boards to actually get places, since longboards are more stable and heavy than skateboards (so you get more roll out of your push). Longboarding is perfect for people who want a comfortable, more soulful ride, but also for those who want to carve down a steep hill at high speed! All this, and plenty more, is longboarding. Just like short board skateboarding, there is no right or wrong way to longboard. However, in the next few pages I'll walk you through some good suggestions to get your started in discovering your own longboarding style, and the weird combination of fun and relaxation that is longboarding!

Longboarding 101 - What You'll Need

Basic longboarding gear is simple. First you'll want flat bottomed shoes. Skateboarding shoes are perfect, but really, any shoes with a flat bottoms work well. This will help you grip the board better than if you were wearing running shoes. While it's possible to longboard in flip flops, don't try it until you at least know what you are doing!

You also need a helmet. You'll need it when starting out, and you should always wear a helmet when doing anything fast, downhill, or anything even slightly dangerous!

Finally, you need a longboard (that's page two!).

Photos for this article are courtesy of silverfishlongboarding.com

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