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Sports and the like inspired by or similar to skateboarding.

Skate & Deploy with a SPORTING-SAIL
Skateboard Sporting Sails add a whole new dimension to downhill skateboarding. Picture something of a cross between a downhill longboarder and a flying squirrel, and you might have the right idea! Never heard of skateboard sporting sails? Well read this article designed to introduce you to skateboard sporting sails, a quick idea of how to use a skateboard sporting sail, and where you c…

Mini-Skateboards - What Are Mini-Skatebords, Advantages, How-Tos, and more
Mini-Skateboards - What Are Mini-Skatebords, Advantages, How-Tos, and more. Read up on the Mini-Skateboard trend, what they are, how to build a mini-skateboard, and a lot more. Learn about Mini-Skateboards!

Top 10 Alternative Skateboards
A list of the top ten new and innovative alternative skateboards. Plenty of these are so wild, weird and different that they are skateboards in name only, and most have reviews to read more!

Paddle boarding - using a street paddle to skateboard
Paddle boarding, or skateboarding with a street paddle, is a new way to ride a longboard skateboard. Skateboarders are always looking for new and interesting ways to use their skateboards. And just when you think you've seen it all, along comes someone with a "Paddle Board"! It's similar to what the stand-up paddle surfers are doing, except without the waves! Read more about paddle boarding!

The Wave Review
The Wave is a new, very unique riding system. The board rides on two wheels, each on a pivot so that the board can turn freely - confused? Take a look.

Tierney Rides T-Board Review
The T-Board from Tierney Rides is a unique type of board. Basically, the T-Board is a large two wheeled deck with a set of custom torsion one-wheeled trucks. Yes, that means the T-Board has only 2 wheels, and the design gives one of the smoothest carves around, with a great potential in crossover training for snowboarding (along with other board sports). Read this Tierney Rides T Board review for more info on the Tierney Rides T-Board, a skateboard that rides like a snowboard. The T-Board.

Stowboard Review
The Stowboard is a board, about as long as a regular skateboard, that folds up into a little block that you can shove into your backpack, or anywhere. Take a look.

A cross between a skateboard and a snowboard, snowskates have standard trucks with a small snowboarding surface to ride on. Take a look!

Indo Boards are the perfect all around balance trainers for any sport where balance would be key, such as surfing, skateboarding, wakeboarding - in fact, any athlete would benefit greatly from Indoing!

Find all you want to know about snowboarding at the About snowboarding site.

Snowskates are plastic skateboard-like decks that can be ridden on the snow, like a small snowboard without bindings.

All Terrain Boards
Mongoose ATBs are offroad boards with places to lock your feet in, so you can attempt any terrain all year round.

Finger Boarding
Tech Deck is the industry leader in finger boards, with a wide variety available.

ISSA Slalom Skateboarder
Slalom skateboarding takes the sport in a different direction -- racing. Check out the ISSA (International Skateboard Slalom Association) for everything dealing with slalom skateboarding.

Flipside Snakeboards
Snakeboards are like larger flexible skateboards, and Snakeboards offers all kinds of gear for the sport.

Electro Board
Battery powered skateboards are here, claiming to be quiet and reliable with a small hand held controller.

Freebords are like large trick boards with two extra little wheels which make the board ride more like a snowboard.

Large board that can hover and support the weight of one person, with a small hand controller.

Sandboard Magazine
Sandboarding is like trying to snowboard, on a sand dune, with a glorified blank deck. Sandboard Magazine can tell you all about it.

Longboard Sk8
An Italian site devoted to longboarding, available in English or Italian.

6 and 8 wheel skate systems for longboards -- they claim that more wheels make for a smoother ride.

Auld Over the Road
Street Luge site, full of info about the sport and complete with an event schedule.

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