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X Games 10, August 5 - 8, 2004 (1 of 3)


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Updated August 04, 2004
Los Angeles, Calif. – ESPN X Games X, the premier action sports competition, introduces X Fest - the world's largest interactive action sports themed festival featuring more than 200,000 square feet of non-stop entertainment. X Fest, part of the main X Games competition venue at the STAPLES Center, will include live concerts every day featuring some of the hottest bands hitting the airwaves and summer tour circuit including G Love, Ozomatli and more. X Fest admission is included with all indoor STAPLES Center arena tickets purchased, or can be purchased separately for just $5. All ticket information for X Games and X Fest events can be found at ticketmaster.

Thursday, August 5

1:15 pm, Wylde Bunch
Back before the Wylde Bunch was a 14-member band mixing hip-hop and rock, R&B and pop – really, whatever they can fit into their tight arrangements – they were a group of school friends in South Central Los Angeles noted for their antics and energy. “People were calling us ‘the Wild Bunch,’ because we were like that, kind of wild,” laughs Yung Dame, one of the group’s four MCs. They played in the school marching and jazz bands, and jammed in their free time. This lasted past graduation, the group of friends coalescing into a real band that played whenever it could.

That attitude, and the resulting electrifying live shows, has resonated with a broad range of fans. The band's Columbia Records debut - Wylde Times At Washington High - will be released on July 27th. The Wylde Bunch is also one of the featured artists on the upcoming Rock The Vote Tour beginning in August.

4 pm, Ozomatli
Plenty of artists sing about revolution, but Ozomatli is one band to count on to man the barricades itself. The Los Angeles collective's borderless sound is designed to bridge various cultures via dance music, and on previous albums, the band has already explored an exciting mix of rock en espanol, hip-hop, jazz, funk, salsa, reggae and Tejano.

Street Signs, the band’s first full-length studio album in three years, bears a new Middle Eastern influence out in typical Ozo style, by mixing it into their trademark blend of hip-hop and Latin styles. Street Sign’s body-moving urban globe-trots were encouraged by Ozo’s new label, Concord Records, who gave them creative freedom to follow their songs wherever they went. Street Signs is both a mature testament to the band’s nearly decade-long evolution and a fresh, dance floor-rocking reminder of their commitment to creating original music in the face of industry conservatism.

4:45, Sons of You
Established in 1995, the five-piece rock band who make up Sons of You hail from Miami Beach, Fla., but are from over the world… Italy, France, Argentina, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Over the year 2000, the band continued building their fan base in South Florida, while also focusing on bringing their sound to a larger audience. In 2001, the album Spiel was recorded and distributed in the indie market and was very well received. Since their relocation to the west coast in 2003, Sons of You has expanded and reached out to new fans, receiving attention from different representatives in the business that are working to introduce Sons of You to the masses.

Friday, August 6

2:00, Backlip
Backlip is an ensemble blend of diverse musicianship. Various musical icons such as Michael Jackson, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley and Elvis, among others, influence the band’s members. Backlip is skateboarder Danny Way (who will be competing at X Games X), Renee-Renee, Dustin Bath, Nathan James, and Trevor Christ. Bath’s alliance with Renee led to his introduction to Way who was taking his music to a new level and looking for players for his band. Bath’s musical sensibilities mixed with his unique guitar stylings proved to be the right alchemy for Way and Backlip. The band’s love of music and great eclectic chemistry together shows through their music.

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