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Go Skateboarding Day

What's Go Skateboarding Day all about?


Go Skateboarding Day Logo

Go Skateboarding Day Logo

Go Skateboarding Day Logo
June 21st is Go Skateboarding Day. Began in 2004 by the International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC), Go Skateboarding Day is a day for anyone and everyone to take a break from everything, get together with family and friends and go skateboarding. Go Skateboarding Day is set for June 21st because it happens to be the first day of summer.

It doesn't matter what kind of skateboarding you enjoy. Street, park, freestyle, racing, downhill or just on your driveway are all perfect. You can ride a longboard, shortboard, or some home made monstrosity. As long as you're on a board with wheels and having fun, Go Skateboarding Day is for you.

Many skateboard shops, clubs and organizations choose Go Skateboarding Day to hold events, competitions and anything else you can imagine. In 2005 in Philadelphia roughly 300 skateboarders came together at Center City, riding from South Street to LOVE Park. Check out the current Go Skateboarding Day events list to find out where the pros will be, and about some large scale Go Skateboarding Day events around the world.

But as with all things in skateboarding, you don't need any official endorsement or organization in order to celebrate skateboarding. In fact, there are skaters who are against the idea of Go Skateboarding Day. They have noticed that Go Skateboarding Day was created by IASC in order to get you to buy more skateboard gear. Check out the website No Skateboarding Day to hear more.

The point is, you don't need a special day to go skateboarding - every day should be go skateboarding day! Go Skateboarding Day is just an opportunity! So, whether you are for the holiday or not, June 21st is still a great day to go skateboarding. Grab your skateboard and head out to wherever it is that you like to skate. Grab some friends if you want and throw a party! You can also check in with your local skateboard shop to see what events are planned, or plan your own. The point is to enjoy skateboarding!

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