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Top Ten Longboarding Products of 2012

List Courtesy of Silverfish Longboarding


11. Wefunk Mach-1 Stealth Edition

Wefunk Mach-1 Stealth Edition
Wefunk Mach-1 Stealth Edition
Stealth fighter inspired, F1 Design elements, onboard telemetric – and it’s all black. You can almost set your clock by our support of the Wefunk brand and its designer Alex Luxat , you don’t need to think too hard to see that it’s the advance of the design elements and his commitment to helping the industry elevate itself from niche to advanced, toyish playthings to performance equipment. The Wefunk line continues to push the limits and there is no slowing in the future, we can only continue to be inspired by the equipment Wefunk designs.All Hail Wefunk Stealth Division.

12. GoPro Hero3 Black Edition

GoPro Hero3 Black Edition
GoPro Hero3 Black Edition
One of the things truly driving the industry right now is the ability to share what riders are doing, the more we see of high quality runs and young riders pushing their skill limits and the less we see of blurry shaky ass cam videos the better off we all are. With GoPro still making a strong push in the POV cam market they have spared no time bringing their cameras up a notch, lighter, twice as powerful and now wirelessly controlled. The riders push the sport, are responsible for all innovation and their sharing of their passions is what puts the GoPro Hero 3 Black on our best in year list.

13. more from Silverfish...

Again, thanks to Silverfish Longboarding for sharing this list, and putting it all together.

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