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How to Make Longboard Gloves


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How to Make Longboard Gloves - Attaching the Pucks with Velcro
Loaded Velcro Gloves

Loaded Velcro Gloves

Kyle Chin
The best way to attach pucks to your gloves is to use industrial strength Velcro. This method may not sound like it provides the strongest attachment, but this actually provides two important benefits: easy replacement of worn pucks and safety. The Velcro interface is plenty strong to hold the pucks on your gloves during even the fastest slides; however, it will allow the pucks to pop off easily if you accidentally drag your hand over a nasty crack or pothole. This will save your wrists, elbows, and shoulders from potential dislocation or other injury.

Once you’ve cut your pucks out from the cutting board, affix a sheet of hook-side Velcro on one side of each piece. Both hook and loop Velcro strips have a self-adhesive backing that should make this part quite easy. You can trim the excess Velcro with a disposable razor blade to match the edges of your pucks.

Next, cut pieces of loop-side Velcro (for each finger and palm puck) to attach to your gloves. Peel off the backing to expose the self-adhesive, and then spread a few millimeters-thick layer of Shoe Goo over the adhesive layer. The Velcro adhesive alone won’t hold the strips onto a glove for very long, so the Shoe Goo will help create a strong bond. Firmly place the loop-side Velcro pieces onto your gloves in the desired positions and allow the Shoe Goo to set completely.

When your gloves are done drying, place your pucks on the gloves and pull/wiggle them around a bit to make sure the loop-side Velcro is attached solidly to your gloves. If necessary, add a little more Shoe Goo. Once everything feels sturdy, you’re ready to slide!

In the picture above, you can see a pair or professional Loaded longboarding gloves. These gloves use Velcro, and you can see where the Velcro was placed.

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