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Change is Needed in the Longboarding Industry

Guest writer Peter Weinrauch offers some ideas to the Longboarding Industry

By Peter Weinrauch

Photo credit Olivia Cantwil, Peter Weinrauch skater
People love longboarding because they can relate it to several other beloved board sports. Some of these are snowboarding and surfing. When a longboard has that genuine wave and snow-carving attribute, people can grow to love the board even if skating is not their number one boarding hobby. What if one surfboard or snowboard could be tweaked to take on any wave, any hill, and carry competitors through any event; what if all types of companies offered these types of products? There are certain groups in the longboarding industry who are keying in on this idea; products that are being integrated with different components to create a ride that any person can enjoy in their specific style of skating.

One group that has fully committed to the collective system of production and component integration is Surf-Rodz. The products that they offer are far beyond what other groups have even attempted to take on thus far.

For so long, new companies have jumped into the industry with a promising product, only to offer the same exact one dimensional boards that other groups are already making. This leaves the companies in a struggle to sell their boards by the bulk to shops and online distributors. The only way one company usually sells more than the other is when someone has inside connections or friends with the supplier groups. There is no real marketing game besides banners on the few community websites created, and maybe, just maybe, there are some articles from outside sources that cover a longboarding company. But remember, half the eyes reading that article belong to people who couldn’t care less about longboarding. There is no major separation between these similar companies. Longboarding is turning into skateboarding. Every company has the same thing to offer, but whoever pops up on a Google search first gets the sale to the brand new young and uneducated consumer. I’d love to see the industry pull out of this fall so that it doesn’t become something that has already been done before.

Products from the few companies that see this trend happening are truly made by the rider for the rider. Their ability of complete transformation, the power to be tweaked to fit any style of longboarding, separates them from one-dimensional products. This is the future of longboarding and dry land board sports. Change and component collaboration are keys to expansion and growth, which won’t start happening until people wake up and think for themselves.

Here are ways we can improve the longboarding community, as we know it:

    Start networking personally
  • Talk to your local shop about new products that they should introduce to their other customers. If shops help spread the word on a local level, they complete the first step to larger more expansive growth.
    Start networking COMPANIES
  • Companies that do not compete against each other should help each other, and themselves. Truck companies, wheel companies, clothing companies, deck manufacturers should collaborate.
  • They should make deals to highlight each other's products on websites, pictures, and video. This helps in many ways; companies that are struggling would love to be promoted by a company who may be doing a little better.
    Showcase Media
  • Show off your stuff. Let people know what you are doing... on what products... with whom... and when...
  • This applies to companies, skaters, photographers, and moviemakers across the globe. Get others involved with the freelance and simple marketing. It does not hurt anyone, so try it.
    Bring outsiders in
  • All types of artists can contribute to a longboarding operation. Illustrators can make board graphics, graphic designers can develop web site layouts, and bands can be featured in web content.
  • Other groups, such as student organizations at colleges, may have an interest in longboarding. Introduce the groups to your products and have them extend the offer to their friends. If they enjoy the stuff, the word will spread big time.
Peter Weinrauch has passionate concerns about the state on longboarding, and it's future. If you have any questions or concerns about his ideas, or would like to hear more, please feel free to contact him.
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