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Longboarding Info - Longboard Skateboarding

Everything you need for longboard skateboarding. How to ride a longboard, how to stop, tricks, advanced longboarding, and longboard reviews.
  1. Longboard Reviews (26)

How to Make Longboard Gloves
How to Make Longboard Gloves - Homemade longboarding gloves aren't too hard to make, and you're going to need them to do any high speed hill bombing. Learn how to make your own longboard gloves quickly and cheap, and get to longboarding down some steep hills at high speed!

Best Longboard - What are the Top Best Longboards?
There are a LOT of different types and styles of longboards to choose from - too many for anyone to try them all! Which lonboards do YOU think are the best? What's your favorite longboard? Share which longboards YOU think are the best. Describe the longboard, and tell us all why you think that longboard is the best!

Top Ten Longboards EVER
This list was written for About Skateboarding by Malakai Kingston, the genius and guru behind Silverfish Longboarding. Thanks dude!

Any established skater can tell you that just about any board can be ride-able. Here we are focusing on the amazing, the innovative, the outlandish and the absolutely insane boards that are on the marke…

Top Ten Longboarding Products of 2012
It's been a huge year for longboarding and it's hard to imagine the expansive growth the scene has experienced. Over the past few years, there has been a steady increase in the number of manufacturers who have put their support behind product manufacturing and innovation to serve the growing longboard market. No year, however, was as big as...

Longboarding Gift Guide
From Silverfish Longboarding - thanks guys! Here is a list of goods any skater would be happy to have, it runs the gamut from gear, wheels, videos and protection gear. That is not all though we have just about something for every single skater you know. We find year after year we get questions about what people should get that longboarder in th

Change is Needed in the Longboarding Industry
What if one surfboard or snowboard could be tweaked to take on any wave, any hill, and carry competitors through any event; what if all types of companies offered these types of products? There are certain groups in the longboarding industry who are keying in on this idea; products that are being integrated with different components to create a ride that any person can enjoy in their specific style of skating.

Setting Up a Slide Deck - Sliding Gear and Equipment for Downhill Longboarding
Sliding can be one of the most enjoyable facets of downhill skateboarding. Few things simulate the feeling of slashing a wave or throwing an edge into deep powder like sliding can. Besides the fun, there’s utility: a well-placed slide in a moment of danger can save your life. One of the best things about sliding is that so much can be done with a simple deck, some hard wheels and bearings that can take a beating. Read how in these Setting Up a Slide Deck instructions!

The Coleman Slide - Skateboard Stopping and Sliding Instructions
Learn the Coleman slide on your skateboard or longboard. The Coleman slide is a 180 degree heelside slide. This slide technique was developed by the legendary Cliff Coleman in the 1970’s out of his determination to safely ride and bomb the hills in and around Berkeley, California. Learn how to Coleman slide on a skateboard through this easy step by step tutorial!

Longboarding - How to Longboard Skateboarding Instructions
Longboarding - learn how to longboard skateboard with these simple step by step beginner instructions. Learning to longboard skateboard is fairly simple - get help with what longboarding gear you need to start longboarding, your longboarding stance, how to stand on a longboard, how to push and carve on your longboard, how to stop on a longboard...

Advanced Longboarding - Longboard Dancing Trick Tips
Longboard Dancing is the term made up by Adam Colton and Adam Stokowski, two avid longboarders who combined elements of freestyle skateboarding, surfing, dance and whatever else they found lying around into a new creative form of riding a longboard. These aren't tricks like in regular skateboarding, where the skater does a quick technical flip of the skateboard - rather, these are all about show, style, and incorporating all this into riding longboards.

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