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How To Apply Grip Tape to a Skateboard Deck


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What You Will Need
Grip Tape 1
Putting grip tape on yourself is a lot easier than it can seem. To start out, you'll need the following gear:
  • A skateboard deck - Of course. It's best if it is brand new. Old grip tape can be removed from a board, but it's a pain to do. Just get a new board.
  • A new sheet of grip tape - I recommend not buying the cheapest grip tape you can find. Cheap, generic grip tape will sometimes not stick as well to your board, and it's only the difference of a little bit of money to get a good brand. I recommend Black Magic or Jessup grip tape.
  • A razor blade - you can use a box cutter, or just a razor blade out of a pack. Many hardware stores sell razor blades individually. You can also use a knife, but trust me, the sharper the better.
  • A screwdriver - at least that's what I like. You can use any tool that is metal and rounded - you're going to be rubbing it on the grip tape (which is basically sand paper!), so make sure it is metal, and make sure that whoever owns it is OK with this!
  • A pair of scissors - You can use the razor blade instead, but some scissors are helpful.
Once you have all of this gear, you're ready to move on to step two!
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