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Build Your Own Pro Grade Skateboard


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Part 2: Deck Size
chosing your skateboard deck size

Chosing your skateboard deck size

Powell Skateboards
The deck is the board part of the skateboard (learn more). This skateboard deck sizing chart is meant for beginner and intermediate skateboarders - it's not a hard rule, but a guide to help if you want it. This chart is adapted from CreateASkate.org (with thanks).

Compare the skater’s height to this chart:

Under 4’ = 29” or smaller
4’ to 4’10” = 29” to 30” long
4’10” to 5’3” = 30.5” to 31.5” long
5’3” to 5”8” = 31.5” to 32” long
5”8” to 6’1” = 32” to 32.5” long
Over 6’1” = 32.4” and up
For your skateboard’s width, it all depends on how big your feet are. Most skateboards are around 7.5” to 8" wide, but can be wider or narrower. If you have larger feet, get a wider skateboard deck.

Once you have the basic size in mind, you can tweak it a little depending on what you want to do with your board. If you want to skateboard transition or vert, if you want to ride a lot of ramps or spend most of your time riding at the skate park, then a wider board is a good choice (8” wide or more). If you want to ride around streets more, and do more technical tricks with your board then try to keep it under 8” wide. If you are looking for a skateboard to cruise around on, and don’t plan on branching into tricks too much, then a bigger, wider board is always better.

These are only guidelines. Feel free to tweak these sizes as much as you want! One final note to parents – making sure your son or daughter likes the graphics on the skateboard deck you pick out is very important! It might seem silly or petty, but getting the wrong brand, or a picture that he or she doesn’t like can mean the difference between them being excited to ride the board, and embarrassed. For ideas of what brand to get them, check out the top 10 skateboard deck brands.

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