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Build Your Own Pro Grade Skateboard


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Build Your Own Pro Grade Skateboard
Assemble Your Own Skateboard

Build Your Own Skateboard

Jamie O'Clock
When buying a new skateboard, you basically have two options - you can buy a complete skateboard (that's one that is already assembled for you), or you can piece together your own custom skateboard that fits you exactly.

There's nothing wrong with buying a complete skateboard - go for it! But, if you want to design your own, these step-by-step instructions will take you through all of the details of picking out the right sizes and shapes of all the parts that go into a skateboard. You can also use these instructions if you already own a skateboard, and would like to upgrade or replace a part.

If you are buying a skateboard as a gift, then before you start there are a couple of things you will need to find out before you begin. You will need to know how tall your skater is, what kind of skateboarding he or she likes the most (street, park, vert, all terrain or cruising), and what skateboarding brands he or she likes.

Before we begin, I want to make sure that you understand one thing over all - these are only guidelines, designed for beginner or intermediate skateboarders. If you want to get parts that don't match this skateboard buyer's guide, that's fine! Do it! Skateboarding is all about expression and doing things your own way. I would hate to find out I killed anyone's creativity! But, if you want some help in picking out parts that are the best size for you or someone you want to give a skateboard to, then read on!

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